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Little Molten Lava Chocolate Fondants

J didn’t believe me when I said “Come see gooey chocolate oozing out of these cakes”. Although only six years old, she’d seen a fair few chocolate cakes being cut into and was fairly certain that nothing normally oozes out. 442 more words

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And She Turned 12

Last year I had the honor of making a birthday cake for my dearest friend’s little sister. It was such a hit that a year later she still talks about it. 256 more words


All-In-One Salted Chocolate Fondants

Just listen to the title, all-in-one, salted, chocolate, fondants. What part of you doesn’t want to make these, I mean really? And don’t be put off by the word fondant, which is like soufflé or… 128 more words

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My first bake in 2015!

Recently mydearbakes was invited to a friend’s house to celebrate 2 of her colleagues’ birthday.

Instead of getting them a gift, mydearbakes decided to be a little more thoughtful by baking them a birthday cake! 28 more words


Indulgent Chocolate Puddings

These luxurious puddings served fresh from the oven must ooooze with chocolate when served, with a deliciously crusty top


125g/40oz dark chocolate (at least 70% cocoa solids) 354 more words


Chocolate, Chilli and Cinnamon Fondants with Cardamom Chantilly Cream

Happy New Year everyone. As January strides forth I know that everyone sets out with very good intentions to exercise more, drink less, read more, be more sociable, cook more, be healthier and I honestly  think that to rebalance and set goals is a good thing. 683 more words


Chocolate Pots

Today, I made history. Today, I made chocohotosomethingpots (more commonly known as Nigella’s Chocohotopots). I may be being a little dramatic, but these tiny pots of oozy, decadent, chocolate goodness really are quite a dream. 88 more words