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A huge thanks from Anne for the super picture

Hi Everyone, what a lovely surprise it was to be given that lovely picture.  I really love it and it is up in my music room for all to see!  

768 more words

Typography 0002

This one was hard, i mean day! All day long we sat in front of screen using adobe indesign and played with font, typeface ( yeah now i know this term 8) ) Altho it was pretty interesting and time were flying but my eyes, eyes couldn’t take it any more they were red and my had started to spin to i took a break, first time in my life i had a headache from pc screen. 7 more words

Typography 0001

Finally, typography, always been curious how does it works. And i was surprised how fast time goes when your busy with letter pressing, it took me 40minutes to do a correct quote that we’ve been given. 18 more words

Type Basics: Experimentation

Book 3 was all about my experimentation with typography and how I’ve developed upon letterforms. This was probably the easiest book to manufacture as I wrote about my experiences and views upon the artefacts, rather than defining what they are according to past beliefs. 320 more words


Type Basics: Classification

Book two is all about the different classifications of typefaces. When looking at the evolution of typefaces and their classifications you come to notice that a lot of the fonts mimc the time in which they were used. 194 more words


Type Basics: Anatomy

Book one was all about the anatomy of typography and the very basics. So, I thought, what are the foundations of a letterform? On Moodle, we had been linked a page that breaks down type, but I wanted to go further and research more into the composition. 190 more words


Adobe InDesign: A Guide

Andy and Alex asked us to create a personal referencing guide including all of the things we have learnt with them during their InDesign sessions so far. 323 more words