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Typography as Art


Perhaps one thing the Martha Stewart “Living” magazine excels at most is creating attractive artistic layouts from the everyday, common elements of our lives. 588 more words


The Weight of a Font

Designer credit was not available for this layout.  Link to layout (http://istilldontunderstandblogger.blogspot.com/2013/04/double-page-spred-final.html). The article is about a young musician named John Lihou and he is the subject of the image. 256 more words


Old & new

This poor author proves that fact-checking old language (what would you guess “death recorded” means?) is really pretty critical. Yelena Dzhanova, “Here’s an Actual Nightmare: Naomi Wolf Learning On-Air That Her Book Is Wrong,” New York: Intelligencer” (May 2019) [ 252 more words


Fonts, designed by women


a curated list of fonts designed by women, because some times you just want something different.

Daily Life

The Power Pose



Author: Jill Greenburg

The photo is of the famous singer Bruno Mars standing in a dramatic power pose.

Category of Typefaces

There are two types of Typography in this article. 450 more words

Bruno Mars

Noodles and Lines

It’s important to design your material so that your viewers will be attracted to what you have to say or show. I found this food magazine style on a magazine designer website: … 722 more words


Contrasting Typefaces


Here we have a magazine spread with various elements. The designer is unknown at this time, however it was found on a blog post located at the indicated URL above. 320 more words