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Usage of color, fonts and background images in personal websites

Design and aesthetics are entirely subjective. There are, however, creative ideas and methods of executing projects that can undeniably influence people with even the most pretentious tastes. 368 more words


Font Fortunes card game

This is one of the games I’m going to play on Sunday Brunch tomorrow…

Choose the card you prefer and click on it to read your Font Fortune.


TrueType, PostScript, and OpenType


There are many different fonts that are available on the Internet for you to use for your design projects. In this article, I will be talking about three different kinds of fonts: TrueType, Postscript, and Open Type fonts. 421 more words


Font - (Semi) Final Product

So, after doing all the sketches, I took a picture of the sketches so that I could digitally trace them. I traced them using Adobe Illustrator and then I took the letters to Photoshop so I could colour and shade them. 233 more words


Where are all my fonts?!?!?

Take a break from your Friday procrastiworking to join me as I lament the loss of my entire custom font library! 276 more words

Design Aids


TGIFF (Thank God It’s Fuckin’ Friday)! Since I love both Fridays & fonts, I’ve decided to combine them.

Every Friday I will share a favorite font of mine. 217 more words


10 fabulous (and FREE) fonts

I’m kind of a font geek.

it’s a thing, okay?!

as much as my husband tells me I’m a total weirdo for geeking out over new fonts, I’m pretty sure I can’t be the only one. 132 more words