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Fonts of the Month

It’s time for this month’s free fonts!

Here’s what’s up with this month’s choices:

Socicon — I’m usually not interested in dingbat fonts, but Socicon is a collection of social media icons which makes it really useful. 206 more words


Why the Sudden Silence? Also: Lists of Resources!

In between work and writing and the personal errands/businesses I had to take care of, I’m glad I am finally back here at Foxes & Fangs… 465 more words


Image and Other Resources

Alexander’s Resources

Image Resources

How To Use: Copy the image url, and then surround it with imageurl.

Official FR Images:

Avatar flags.

Dominance banners.

Tiny Flight icons.

148 more words

Choose Your Font Wisely

I hadn’t thought much about which font to use when coding before I stumbled across a recent article.

But why not?  I spend pretty much all day somewhere between Visual Studio, Code, Notepad++, and recently the PowerShell ISE.  Maybe the default font is OK, but this got me wondering if there was something that would give me a slight edge. 269 more words


Best Ways to Use Fonts

When it comes to fonts, there are a lot of fun ones out there to use.

So far my favorite font resource is Google Fonts ( 172 more words


HTML - Font and Links Tag

This month I will discuss the font tag and links.

The first thing I will discuss is the font tag. This tag as you may have guessed lets you change the font of the text on your page in a number of ways. 611 more words

HTML Lessons