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Harry’s Restaurant in Washington, DC

Dining Outside the Home: Harry’s Restaurant in Washington, DC! With a sidewalk café that stretches at least half a block, Harry’s Restaurant is a place for meeting old friends and making new ones. 76 more words


Is there really such a thing as Ethical Honey?

Honey has been used by humans for approximately 9000 years in everything from cosmetics, medicine, waterproofing, an ingredient in embalming fluid, and, of course, as a sweetener. 1,273 more words

Rainy Day Baking

Last weekend, with the rain pouring and the storm storming, I stayed inside and baked.

I made some bread rolls. I make these all the time, (usually halving the recipe because 24 is more rolls than one woman needs, using oil instead of butter and after I’ve mixed the ingredients together to form the dough, I don’t knead them, I try to avoid kneading at all costs!), this time I made them with honey instead of sugar and as a batch instead of separately. 58 more words


A stop at the beer store

I stopped at the beer store on the way home from work. My days have been increasingly more difficult.


I’m trying really hard to do a great job at my “new” career path. 144 more words


Where to eat and drink in Wellington, New Zealand

The second of two chef interviews I did last year for Good Food at the Estrella Damm Gastronomy Congress ran this week in print and online. 1,258 more words


World Cooking - Democratic Republic of Congo

List Item: Cook something from every countryCountry: Democratic Republic of Congo
Progress: 56/193

In my previous country post, I mentioned that I was having to make a decision between two nations that appeared to charge the national dish. 560 more words

In Progress

Streetfood Chronicles Pt. 4 - Jeh O Chula, Bangkok, Thailand

I chugged down the last bottle of overpriced Chang beer at that random bar built on top of an old schoolbus in Ratchada Train Night Market. 250 more words