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Ceylon Tea

What a way to start one’s day. Nothing like a fresh pot of Ceylon Tea.


How'd You Like To Have A Job As A 'Chicken Nugget Taste-Tester'?

Love chicken nuggets? Well, who doesn’t… but if you really love nuggets then there’s a new exciting career opportunity for you.

The British retailer British retailer B&M recently posted a job application looking for a  “chicken nugget connoisseur.” 127 more words


Wow...how cool are these?

I’ve lived in Chicago for approximately a thousand years and believe me,  I wasn’t raised on food like this, so…it’s exotic and strange looking to me.  97 more words


The nursery...

I went grocery shopping today and saw the above, in the fruit/vegetable department.  It looked as the if papayas were just born and all wrapped up so they would be safe and warm.  49 more words


No. 4 - Trackside Lounge

“On the TV the announcer is predicting how the race
will be run and famous people are asked their opinions.
I wait for a twinkle in my brain but nothing happens. 958 more words


Airport to din-din--

BAM!  The construction at La Guardia Airport continues at a snail’s pace causing us to make our way into Manhattan at a snail’s pace, but when we get here we run at a hare’s pace to Rafele’s Ristorante on Seventh Avenue down in the West Village section of town for delicious cacio e pepe pasta cooked in parchment paper, fritto misto, meatballs in red sauce, tangy shrimp, and a branzino cooked to perfection. 145 more words


Top 5 Favorite Thumbs Blogposts of 2017

Hi Everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

Continuing on my 2017 favorites post, I thought it would be fun to compile a Top Five overview of the most read posts of 2017. 139 more words