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Trying something new | Flavour Generator from HelloFresh

There is such a saying that is ‘stuck in a rut’. This is very true to me for food. I have my go-to quick and easy meals for during the week and tend to only try something new on the weekends but when… 314 more words


Cheese-heads, rejoice: a new fromage-centric restaurant is coming to London

Fans of cheese-fuelled dining, gather round.

London’s getting a brand new cheese-ery!

More specifically, it’s La Fromagerie, which is set to open a new branch of its cheese-heavy restaurants on Bloomsbury’s Lamb’s Conduit Street. 280 more words


Cooking lately

One of the things about August is that my eating and cooking become unplanned. Last year, I was logging this every week and August is full of weeks that start, “I couldn’t be bothered to cook” or “I was tired” or “no shopping because there are so many courgettes…”This has been even more true this August because there has been an increase in produce overall and a decrease in courgettes! 254 more words


New M&M Flavor is the Perfect Halloween Candy

Now there’s another new flavor of M&M’s coming out this year.

Not only will there be a pumpkin pie flavored M&M, but also a cookies and cream flavor. 150 more words


This Map Shows Which Foods Each State Hates the Most

Geez Montana, just kill that Autumn feeling.

The dating app Hater, which matches users based on the things they hate, has compiled all of their data to create a map of the foods everyone hates. 77 more words


Gift of chocolate...

As I’ve previously mentioned, my grandson loves skeletons and skulls AND he also loves Oaxacan chocolate.  Recipe for the perfect gift to take to him:  Go to… 67 more words