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Recipe: Lasagne sheet tortillas and hot sauce dip

The fact that this actually worked and tasted really good amazed me. My mum originally saw the idea for this on @theslimmingwoman’s Instagram and since I was off work on Monday and she had me as a kitchen aid, we gave it a go. 249 more words

In flight entertainment

On my recent trip from San Francisco to London (and back), I had 10 hours to kill. I was tempted by the prospect of taking a Zzzquil and waking up refreshed (if a little hungry), but in the end, I had a cocktail and wine with dinner and missed that elusive window (and then suffered the rest of the journey, kicking myself for not taking the Zzzquil and being so weak!). 216 more words


The brunch that turned me into a dumpling....

Anyone that knows me… knows that I am a sucker for asian food and for those that are the closest to me know that dumplings make all my dark days brighter :P  So guess who went crazy when they heard of… 664 more words


Hidden New York: Why Midtown in Manhattan is the place to go when you think you've seen it all before

New York City’s Midtown is so much more than the tourist jams, the shopping and the dizzying lights of Times Square. This place can, and will, surprise you. 1,321 more words


We experience. We learn. We adapt. We evolve into preparing ourselves to react better the next time around. We are human. I’ve been enjoying kickass music and kickass Beer lately. 86 more words


Cheesy pasta bake with bacon, broccoli and cauliflower - feeding a family for £2 per head

Can you feed your family for a day for £2 per head? It costs £2 to feed and educate a child in Zambia per day. … 411 more words


I cooked chicken cutlets for the first time

Yeah, you read correctly.


Who doesn’t like chicken cutlets? Nobody. On a plate or a sandwich… they’re awesome.

I grew up on them, mom made them probably once every two weeks. 193 more words