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Homestead Status Update, Spring 2017

This time around, I’m taking a break from the Family Survival Planning list, and taking a look around at the Status Quo around the homestead.  It’s springtime, after all, which means things are about to get busy. 637 more words


Outbreak of extremely dangerous strain of E. coli linked to SoyNut butters

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 23 people in nine states had been infected as of March 21 with a particularly dangerous strain of E.

175 more words

Someone's launched a solid chocolate egg just in time for Easter

The problem with regular Easter eggs is that they’re not substantial enough.

The chocolate might be delicious but there’s not enough of it. You’ve just got a 2mm thick oval – and the rest is air. 162 more words


Vietnam Cost of Living

I have received a few requests for more information on the cost of living here in Vietnam. I am more than happy to share this information, however, I also want to point out this is just our personal experience. 678 more words


Indian vegie feast #8 - potato and pea samosas

This is the last of March’s Indian Vegie Feast series. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading, but much more I hope I’ve inspired you to cook some delicious vegetables, Indian style. 620 more words


Be a grown ass adult and cook your damn dinner

This is a bit ranty and was written last week, when 3 people told me that they would love to cook more but they didn’t have the time to cook like I did because who had time to make their lunch? 610 more words


Reese's is now doing a peanut butter creme egg

Fans of peanut butter and chocolate (AKA everyone), listen up. We have some very important news.

Reese’s, the same brand behind such delights as Reese’s Pieces and Peanut Butter Cups, has just unveiled their take on your favourite Easter treat. 245 more words