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Me want...

…cookies? Nope, not anymore.

There was a time when I wanted cookies, and lots of them. I could hardly contain myself. Once all potential bystanders had vacated my presence, out came the food items I had stockpiled – cookies, cake, chocolate, donuts, ice cream. 124 more words

Eating Disorder Recovery

Dreading the beach

It’s time for my Caribbean vacation with the Russian, and I am nowhere near in good enough shape to be in a bikini. I never imagined that I would still be fat in May. 217 more words

Eating Disorders

Some unsolicited advice to unstick my proverbial craw.

I was reading an Internet forum for people who have their eating disorders under control, and a woman said her husband, who recently lost a lot of weight because of a medical issue, started speaking judgmentally about her weight and how much she was eating. 685 more words


Understanding What Food Packaging Says

There is hardly a week that passes that my dieticians and I don’t hear about how healthy someone thinks he is eating.  After all, he’ll tell us, I am careful to buy products with no harmful ingredients.  1,059 more words

Healthy Eating

Eating Disorder Center - My First Day

I made my decision. I had to get treatment for my binge eating disorder. Now.  Backing out was not an option. The eating disorder center in my city offered an evening program that I could attend 3 nights a week for 4 hours after work. 1,254 more words


Eating My Values

I’ve been slowly reading The Mindful Diet by Beth Reardon, Tania Hannah and Ruth Wolever, who all are affiliated with Duke University’s Integrated Health program.  I think I mentioned this book before because I’ve been reading it really slowly, a few pages at a time so I can think about it as we go. 763 more words


Obesity: Not Just a Two Sided Coin

By: Brittney Ginsburg

Contributing Writer

People today are not only paying the price of obesity with their wallets but with their lives. In 2005, it was… 608 more words