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Food Addiction

Have you noticed you still crave sweets and junk food? There is something I call Junk Food addiction.

I believe it’s real and can become a serious problem if you can’t change your eating habits on your own through changing your diet. 581 more words

Healthy Food

JERI: Back from vacation

So I ate everything I wanted. I ate dessert. I drank frou-frou drinks. I went to bed feeling so full that I thought my bed would break with my weight. 167 more words

Weight Loss

Just because you won't look at it, doesn't mean it isn't there

The New York Times apparently thought I’d be surprised by how many foods contain added sugar. The New York Times obviously doesn’t know me very well. 603 more words


251.5 Celebrating a HUGE Victory

After a particularly exhausting therapy session (for non-recovery PTSD), I left the Psychologist’s office feeling torn-apart, raw, vulnerable and extremely exhausted.

‘I just want to eat my feelings away’ I thought to myself as visions of French fries and deep fried wontons from my favourite Chinese delivery place danced in my head. 569 more words

Seeking Health Now

Me and My Stretch Marks

I remember vividly the day I found the first stretch mark on my stomach. I was in high school, and I had been steadily gaining weight for months. 958 more words

The good, the bad, and the ugly

It’s been a little while since I’ve updated, and so Much has happened!

I’ve been working six days a week lately which will be nice overtime pay but has made me super tired. 286 more words

Digging Yourself out of the Ditch.

I’m going to be completely transparent here.

Even after losing over 120 pounds, I STILL find myself at the bottom of a ditch sometimes. Life gets uncomfortable, negative thoughts start flowing in, and when I’m feeling really vulnerable, I am still tempted to call upon my old unhealthy eating behaviors to comfort and soothe me. 1,264 more words

Weight Loss Journey