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Addiction: a strong and harmful need to regularly have something, or do something

That is the simple definition of addiction.

When many people think of addiction, people think it’s related to hardcore drugs, or alcohol.

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Body Positive

Self Worth. (the reason you "Struggle")


What is it you struggle with?

HOW LONG have you –  and how much longer will you continue to struggle with any/ all of these? 304 more words


100 Pounds Released

The scale this morning at the doctor’s office confirmed my suspicion that I have released 100 pounds since beginning OA in September 2014. To have released so much with so little stress and anxiety is simply a miracle. 462 more words

Breaking the status quo

Sometimes, in order to heal
you need to plunge your hands into the wound
and pull out the long-raging infection

© Meisaan Chan


Are You Addicted to Food?

For some people, food delivers a false sense of security for dealing with stress.  In the short-term, eating can make you feel better, but only temporarily.  178 more words

Diet And Nutrition

Paleo and food addiction

…compliment each other. Or rather, paleo compliments food addiction. Or adherence to paleo makes food addiction tolerable. And food addiction compliments nothing. Food addiction is a monster of the scariest variety – all consuming and unhealthy in every sense. 385 more words


Not a night owl or a vampire, just a sugar addict.

I used to think I was a night owl. I loved to stay up into the wee hours of the morning. I kept what people call the vampire hours. 750 more words