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FOOD FOOD FOOD: Addiction and willpower

I can’t tell you how many times I meet people who claim to be addicted to food. They literally can’t stop eating sugary, salty and fatty foods and are desperate for someone to help them.  397 more words


The Transformation of the Fat Girl

“If you’ve been fat, you will always feel and see the world as a fat person; you know how difficult it is… It’s the same coming from a working-class background… it never leaves you.”

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Personal Development

Dental epiphanies and self-compassion

Every once and a while I put something in my body that causes an extreme reaction. This goes beyond the usual discomfort of bloating and lethargy that follows a binge. 1,613 more words

Weigh In- Week 4

First month down! Two to go! Or atleast until my membership runs out (but I believe I’m going to be sticking with it).

Let’s get down to business shall we? 464 more words

DAY 189: De-acquired tastes

The first time I seriously tried to lose weight, I never really kicked the sauce.  I continued to binge-eat brownies, cookies, ice cream, cupcakes, candy, etc., that I bought on the sly at the grocery store.   671 more words

Weight Loss

A Flower Simply Blossoms

My program has changed a lot over the years, and that change is something that I don’t discuss much.  Mainly because I receive such varying responses when I do share the truth about how my program has evolved over the years and no longer do I seek approval from fellow OA members regarding my program.  973 more words

Promise Of Recovery

Stepping towards Recovery: Part 2


On Friday I posted about how writing has taught me the importance of endurance, not giving up at the first rejection. I thought about what I wrote all day. 826 more words