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Taking Steps 4, 5, 6 and 7 (again)

I have just taken these steps again with my sponsor, this time while abstinent.  She recommended working the steps when not in a food-fog, advice which I failed to heed the first time around last week. 128 more words


Food...the life of the Party!

Have you ever noticed how, at most social functions, the food always takes center stage!  Some people even judge the success of a function based on the food that was served!   691 more words


with the stars burning and exploding.

Day 40 | Five of ’em! | We’re doing the wild thing, booze-free in da’ hood!


The intense climax of sexual energy after a good round of sex or  95 more words


Not sorry, even though it sucked.

My husband and I are home for a visit this weekend. We opted for a 5:30 am flight out of San Antonio, two hours away from our apartment in Corpus Christi. 377 more words


Grieving food and how to get through it

Happy Sunday SugarSobriety! I had an amazing week, with a few blips. I discovered some things about myself this week, which is always a good thing, but in this case it was a great thing! 1,248 more words

What's Worked?

The "Enemy" prays upon our Weaknesses

Food is such an acceptable way of allowing evil into our lives!  For heaven’s sake, we are exposed to it everywhere we go and all the advertisements for it make us think that indulging in it is almost “sexy”! 464 more words


Addicted to "Food Addiction"

I recently wrote a short article on “food addiction” for the Risk Innovation Lab’s CrisBits blog (collaboratively published by Arizona State and Michigan University!). This piece mainly focuses on the scientific side of the issue- I really wanted to broadly cover research on the topic, since so many popular articles on food addiction focus on singular studies (and end up being extremely misleading). 630 more words

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