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Wherefore Art Thou, Body Love?

I was never a girl afraid of puberty. By the time my sixth-grade class split in two according to gender and listened to “the talk,” I already knew all about periods and breasts and, I thought, what it would mean to finally be a woman. 1,747 more words

Self- Healing

Feeling KOOL - Comfort Foods and Addiction

Certain comfort foods like chocolate, pizza and french fries can truly be considered addictive. 

Scientists at the University of Michigan found these highly processed foods trigger the same reward centers in the brain as illegal drugs like cocaine.  63 more words


30 Day Vegan Challenge - Day 12 - Satisfy Your Cravings with Plants

The Power of Cravings: Fat and Salt Taste Good

Craving: a very strong desire for something

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Day 12, Colleen makes the case that what we really mean when we say we crave animals as food is that we crave “fat, salt, flavour, texture and familiarity”.

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Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

Sugar Addiction–How Does That Happen and What Can You Do About It?!

By Susan Shekut, MA, Clinical Professional Psychology, Owner, Working Well Massage, Licensed Massage Therapist, Wellness Coach, ACSM Personal Trainer

Today I came across an article about the effects of giving up sugar in our brains, … 649 more words

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Ramblings from the world of Powerlessness

It’s not quite 10 am and so far today, I’ve eaten two pieces of ezekiel bread w/peanut butter, one oatmeal breakfast cookie and 4 blueberry granola bites.  306 more words



I’m erasing my pride, I say.
You cannot do that yourself, God says.
I’m coming back to you, I say.
You cannot do that yourself, God says.

© Crystal Chan


A Reminder

Sunday night I had a huge Hooters binge. It was bad and it was shameful. I felt like absolute shit afterwards; Not just because I felt ashamed of myself, but I physically felt like shit. 569 more words

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