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10 Signs You Have A Food Addiction And How To Overcome It

We’re all guilty of overeating sometimes, especially when we keep eating something delicious even though we’re full, simply because it tastes good. But how do you know if you have an occasional over-eating problem, or a full-blown food addiction? 1,577 more words

Learning to Be Enough

When we judge ourselves based on society’s standards of what is “enough”, we ride the roller coaster of unhappiness.  We are beholden to others and their views of how we should be.  14 more words

Food Addiction

Another kind of privilege

I love living in a society where the individual is important. As a non-conformist, and a loner, it is a great relief, and a joy, to be able to make choices for myself. 1,069 more words


To eat, or not to eat? That is the question.

There are few subjects that are so simultaneously prosaic and emotive as food.

We photograph it, comfort eat it and watch programmes about it. We spend hours in the kitchen preparing meals, or spend a fortune in restaurants trying out new and delicious dishes. 813 more words

Eat And Drink

A note to the observer

Humans bring beauty and mess with them wherever they go
so if you happen to see a human, expect it:
beauty and mess
beauty and mess

© Meisaan Chan


The Need for Cheese

I have a confession.  I am in LOVE with cheese.  It brings me happiness.  I really enjoy food. But cheese, it’s on a whole new level of love. 369 more words

Jan. 11, 2017

With great reluctance I saw my therapist yesterday. I was in a very dark and ugly place; I’d binged, I had blown off a couple of workouts, I was anxious and unhappy with myself and most of the world.   364 more words