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Crave: Food Addiction and Unreal Beauty

Food addiction isn’t like addiction to drugs or alcohol. You can live without cigarettes, cocaine or booze, but you can’t live without food. And like those substances, people for whom food is an addiction, use food as a way of coping with the stress in their lives. 568 more words

Critique Of Society

I trust my gut (except about cake)

I have had a couple of things happen in the past week or so that have made me question my savvy.

The first incident happened late last week. 1,208 more words


Thoughts become things

Being stuck in traffic for over and hour as I drove home gave me time to dig through my brain and pick it apart. I was already in binge mode; my mind made up after spending the last two hours fighting off the urge. 208 more words

My Past as The Blob...Now, The JAG Runner Begins

2nd Day on MFP

I started exercising again for the first time in four months. My sprained ankles have made anything but walking slowly quite painful. 6,543 more words

Live. NOW.

Wow! 8 months since my pen last graced these pages(April 2016). I just read over my last entry (My Life Matters) and it brought me to tears! 513 more words

Being curious: Step 3 of the IEWIN Process

Being curious is about being your own detective.

You are interested in what you consume (food, drink, media, self talk…) and the effect it has on you. 54 more words

Hope for the Hopeless

Recently a longtime acquaintance saw me and was so surprise that I had lost weight that she couldn’t seem to be happy for me.  Her surprise seemed to over shadow her ability to believe that I had finally succeeded.  439 more words