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Gelato and heat and daily food journals

I had a funny thing happen today.  Not really funny as in ha ha funny, but more like, “hmmm, that’s interesting” kind of funny.  Hannah had a few biscuits from a packet, and had dropped one on the floor.   848 more words


Ac-cen-tuate the positive*

Last week I set a goal of listing (and posting) habits I have improved. Now why would I do that? Why don’t I concentrate on what I still need to change? 329 more words

Compulsive Eating

Avoiding God and Other Futilities

I avoid God. I believe in Him, and I believe the Bible. Which means that I understand that God is omnipresent, all-powerful and that I belong to Him. 837 more words


The Daily Recap

I don’t have a lot to report because I don’t have a scale, so I have no numbers.  This whole Losing Weight Without A Scale thing is very new to me.   494 more words


Soda vs America[ns]

This week was a monumental week for the USA.. Marriage equality has finally come to this country! About damn time!

There are so many more challenges towards total equality, but this is such a promising time to be alive. 582 more words

Food Blog

Poster Session

I am making posters.  In order to make my goal of losing 40 pounds by the time I turn 40 in May, I need to have it present in my mind at all times, but especially when I’m ready to binge, or eat when I’m bored.   867 more words