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Please read my article in elephant journal! (Yay!)

Hello there! I know, it’s early in the week for me to post, but I have just gotten an article about food addiction and knitting published in elephant journal! 28 more words


Internal screamings of a mad woman 

Its 6.49am, I’ve been awake for about 3 hours… Listening to someone else’s dogs bark, yelp and howl along with Holly crying because she couldn’t sleep. 316 more words

Weight Loss

Wholeness, yoga and eating – what’s the connection?

Yoga means many things to many people, and it’s taken me many years to find out what it means to me, personally. For me, the practice of it, in its simplest form, is about finding wholeness.  627 more words

Different priorities when the situation calls for them

The husband and I went home for a few days this week. We had to see the new baby in the family. I sure do love a newborn. 444 more words


Barbecue Survival Guide: Navigating the Food and the Feelings

For some of us, stress levels can skyrocket during summer social events. We may have lofty expectations for days off, feel pressured to “have fun” and to make the most of the warmer weather and feel uncomfortable in more revealing summer clothing, while we compare ourselves to others who seem to “have it all.” 823 more words

Fear and love

True fear binds with a million leashes;
true love breaks through them all

© Meisaan Chan



On Tuesday just passed, I had an important realisation. It came-on quickly, not unlike a car’s lights rounding a bend at night.

I  am an addict. 602 more words