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Eating @ The Fork Malaybalay City

The Fork in Malaybalay City is a relatively new restaurant. It’s located near The Waterpool which is a the nearest pool you can find from the city proper. 547 more words

Food Addiction

Outline for Drop the Rock Step 6 Response

I  am doing a study of steps 6 & 7 with my sponsor using Drop the Rock. Spirit guided me to use my writing skills to summarize and respond to the Step 6 section. 1,320 more words

Exposing the Lies of Jezebeth: Part One - Lies of Loneliness and Isolation

I am running through the forest.

My legs feel strong

But my mind is heavy

Thoughts like dead logs scattered in my path

Can’t get through this log jam… 1,722 more words

A Healing Story: Food Addiction

Back in February of 2014 I did a handful hypnotherapy sessions, working with a local soul directed hypnotherapist. She beautifully combines her years as a therapist with her hypnosis training and spiritual background and has created a style of hypnosis that really works for me. 836 more words

Energy Healing

Leaning Forward into the Future

As the blessing of abstinence continues for me, I find myself needing Spirit to remind me that I am abstinent to be in more fit spiritual condition, so I may be more useful to others. 357 more words

Yoga Humility

Spirit continues to amaze me with abstinence dependent upon my fit spiritual condition for the day. I am responsible for the footwork and attitude needed for abstinence to exist on a daily basis. 640 more words