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Carrot Romesco Recipe: Eating with Food Allergies

In cooking for friends with strict food allergies, I’ve been surprised by how easy it is to change out ingredients for a more friendly alternative. 511 more words


Irish Potato Cupcakes!

Okay everyone hold on to you hats because this is a good one! St. Patrick’s Day is coming and this is a “to die for” recipe. 104 more words

Food Allergies

The Last Supper

Tonight I devoured two pieces of Donato’s Take-n-Bake Pizza, a Cadbury Creame Egg, and a Coca Cola. Delicious, yummy, glorious standard American food.

It will be a long time before I will eat these delicacies again. 188 more words

Adult Asthma

Caramels and Computers and Cats (oh my!)

Greetings, Ninjas in Training!

Have you missed me?

(I’ve missed you too.)

I’m afraid I have no excuse for abandoning you, except that I’m a small bit healthier than I was when I last wrote, and now I’m the proud owner of a part-time online job. 331 more words

Citric Acid Allergy

The Epipen - The Most Frightening Superhero In The World...AKA The First Time I Had To Epipen My Child!

My six year old daughter suffered an anaphylactic reaction this past weekend. I am still trying to get over the fact that for the first time I had to give her the epipen myself. 1,141 more words

Allergic Reactions

The Bad, The Good, and the Not So Ugly....

Well … Friday I had an erythema nodosum flare. That is the bad news. The good news – something is working. Yes – I had a flare but this flare was so different. 241 more words

Gluten Free