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A fare terror

Could food really cause terror?

To most that question would be answered in a split second, with a strong and certain, “Of course not!”

To those with life threatening allergies or autoimmune diseases like celiac disease, you might hear a different answer. 485 more words


Traditions at Scott

Group Members: Chelsie Teutsch, Bailie Brock, Jamie McGrath


As students in English 2277 Introduction to Disability Students, we were assigned the task of completing an accessibility audit, too see how accessible a building was to people with disabilities.  559 more words


Fighting the Food Allergy Battle

Food allergies are merciless, quality-of-life changers.  In spite of having the flu, 20 month old Silas’s food allergy battle rages on.   Yesterday morning,  there were brownish spots on my pillow case.   809 more words


Oxley's By The Numbers


As a group, we decided to do our accessibility audit on Oxley’s By The Numbers.  Oxley’s By The Numbers is a cafe in the center of campus. 1,203 more words


Scares and Steps

Let’s start with the good news first:  E took her first steps!  It was just a few–twice–and it hasn’t happened again in the past four days, but it was refreshing to see that she’s gained enough confidence to try to do it on her own.   445 more words


Chicken or Turkey Pot Pie Soup

This time of year is still great for soups. The weather can be iffy with rain and cold.  But regardless of it being soup season or not, this Pot Pie soup is just a great way to make your belly feel good.   174 more words