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Dear Parents of Children Who Don't Have Food Allergies,

I’m writing because I know that food allergies can be a difficult subject to understand from the outside and that it can be a challenge to change your child’s diet, especially for reasons that have nothing to do with them personally. 1,318 more words


Legislators Question Epi-Pen Price Spikes

Image Credits: Mylan (R), New York Times

Following up on my posting about why Epi-Pen prices have increased 5-6X in 12 years, the New York Times… 57 more words

Food Safety

Protestin' Intestine!

Frank discussions on body functions exist below. If you’re adult enough to handle it, or are not squeamish about poop, you may proceed.

Sometimes on this blog, I talk about video games and other nerdery, and sometimes I talk about life. 745 more words

Crohn's Disease

How an Allergy Mom Handles Back to School Time

It’s hard to believe that my son started Kindergarten last week! The summer really flew by.

All his school supplies were purchased and new clothes bought. 438 more words


A Revolution in Healthy Eating

Want to know how healthy a food is? Forget counting calories. Forget grams of fat, cholesterol, carbs, calcium, iron, fibre, polyunsaturates; forget folate, magnesium, zinc, antioxidants and omega-3s. 302 more words

Paleo Lifestyle

I hate allergies

I HATE food allergies… It’s true I said it. I hate having to always worry if I have the Benadryl around… and of course the EPI pens. 534 more words

Food Allergies

Food Allergy vs Food Intolerance

Constant ear infections, colds and runny noses  was how my son spent his first 4 years of life.  Doctors couldn’t figure it out and they weren’t worry. 603 more words