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Food Allergies... Rock?

Last month, I wasn’t feeling very good about this whole food allergy situation. So when this contest came up in my Twitter feed, I wondered if I could honestly answer the question: “Tell us why food allergies rock.” 916 more words

Food Allergies

The Struggle Is Real

Parenting is the hardest, yet most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. Trying to get picky toddlers to eat is hard enough with all food options, but on a limited diet it’s even harder… 173 more words

Traveling and Eating Out

We’ve spent some time traveling this spring. We have road tripped from Iowa to Ohio and have made a couple of quick weekend trips. Traveling with multiple food allergies was always troublesome. 214 more words

Food Allergies

College-Friendly Microwave Chocolate Chip Cookie

Chocolate chip cookies are one of the best desserts known to man, even more so for how easy they are to make. This recipe is perfect for making in college, as it has few ingredients and is single serving for those times that you just want a small dessert and don’t feel like buying one. 280 more words

Food Allergies

Should I EPI?

I’ll never forgot my son’s first severe allergic reaction at two months. I’ll never forget his second reaction either, or third or even the forth. I can tell you  what both kids were wearing, how much they ate, and how bad the reaction was to every reaction they’ve had. 338 more words

Gluten-Free Travel: It Gets Better

I’m so sorry because that headline is a TOTAL LIE. But I thought I would start positive, so we could all feel good for the half second it took to read it. 792 more words

Celiac Disease

Barbara's Story


‘I am so excited about my results.  The eczema is healing, I no longer have the chronic pain that my doctor had finally determined was fibromyalgia.  270 more words

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