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3 Reasons I Didn't Do the September Whole30

If you know me or have been following my blog for a while, you know I’m a big fan of the Whole30. I’ve done at least 5 rounds in the last few years and will probably do more. 338 more words


A Little Good News

A few weeks ago, The Little Guy had his follow-up appointment with his allergist. It really was an incredible appointment. We did the usual history and answering questions about recent allergic reactions. 166 more words

Food Allergies

Menu Planning 2017 (7)

The last two weeks of my part-time work life went fast! The kids are back in school and life is crazy and busy. My son is playing soccer which he loves and my daughter is dancing which she also loves. 157 more words

Food Allergies

A Sandwich for Every Gluten-Free Mood #Schäryourbest

As celiacs our relationship with gluten-free bread is complicated. If we find some that doesn’t fall apart in a dry crumble of sadness, it can mean that it’s overly processed and has zero nutritional value.  566 more words

Celiac Disease

Chocolate Avocado Mousse

My world has been turned upside down.  2+2= yellow and I’m totally ok with that.

I’m pretty sure that I’m one of the only people in the country that doesn’t like avocado.   874 more words

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Banana Ice Cream Doesn't Suck...and Other Things I've Learned.

Quick recap for those who may be joining us for the first time… In June of this year I was diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease with two bulging and two herniated discs — four in a row all stacked on top of each other in my lumbar spine (low back.) 819 more words


Never a Dull Moment

How do you even begin to catch up after 1.5 years away from a blog?

I’ll start out with an explanation of why I’m dusting off the ol’ cooking blog after 1.5 years away. 328 more words