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Love Sweet Love

I stumbled upon a video on Facebook showing people putting down their devices and becoming present in real life again.  You can watch this heartwarming video for yourself,  1,009 more words

Food Allergies

Jungle Life and Leaky Gut

I get nostalgic thinking about the light of kerosene lanterns, rain pinging off a tin roof, and sitting inside a thatched hut watching the smoke from a coal-fire curl upward and blacken the underside of the thatch. 1,261 more words

Yes, Nut-Free Easter Chocolates for Your Nut-Allergic Kiddo Do Exist

Ever since my son was diagnosed with nut (and egg) allergies, I find myself thinking about all of the wonderful experiences—many of which I associate with my very happy childhood— he’ll have to miss out on. 848 more words

Natural Lifestyle Changes for Autoimmune Disease

I was diagnosed several years ago with autoimmune disease that mainly affects my thyroid, joints and occasionally, my skin. I have a wonderful doctor, who tested me for food sensitivities,  which gave me the knowledge of what foods I should be avoiding and which supplements I should be taking. 1,890 more words

Mavis's Ordeal

As many of you know, my pugs mean everything to me. Mavis, in particular, is my emotional support animal and I’ve never felt this connected to an animal in my life. 821 more words


Confessions from a not-so-perfect parent

During our newscast on News 3 This Morning, we had a discussion about parenting fails. It brought up memories of the times I’ve been less-than-perfect in the rearing of my children. 572 more words


Bad Numbers: Bad Patient or Bad Doctor

So after going to see my regular doctor to let them know that after going on a 10 day elimination diet I am feeling better we did some blood work.  346 more words

Salicylate Allergy