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Dining Before the Darkness

This is obviously common knowledge about Las Vegas but holy shit is the Strip expensive. You’re lucky to find a beer under $6 and, when you find one for that price, it’s like finding water in the desert. 1,161 more words

Food And Booze

A Local's Spot

When I travel, I can’t stand looking like a tourist. Maybe it’s because I live in Aspen and spotting tourists is a pastime for the locals up here. 1,125 more words

Food And Booze

Homebrew goo: Make your own energy gel in 10 minutes

A confession: I actually like energy gels. For real.

While it’s very in to hate on the taste of gels in favor of quinoa/hummus/kale/lawn clipping balls, I’ve never turned up my nose at some good, old-fashioned fakery to keep me going on the trail – unless it’s coffee-flavored in anyway. 827 more words


Growing Old is Mandatory

Nope, I haven’t forgotten this blog. I’ve been busy…. very busy working, meeting friends, celebrating birthdays, sorting out bills to pay, responding to emails and text messages from relatives around the globe.  106 more words

Black And White

I <3 Haggis!

On Wednesdays, Betty plays golf and then has dinner at the clubhouse, leaving Doug at home. On Tuesday, she said to us, “what’ll you be wanting for your tea* tomorrow?” (*Tea is dinner/supper). 183 more words


Matsu-hip Hip Hooray

Restaurant reviews are tricky. You need to eat a wide variety of items off the menu and to do that at a place like Matsuhisa in Aspen, you need some extra cash and, preferably, an in with someone in the kitchen.* I had an in already and was just waiting for my cash flow to upgrade from its usual leaky faucet status. 1,323 more words


Friday Night BBQ

On Friday night, Doug, Betty, and I had dinner with their friends Trish and Michael. We had a wonderful barbecue and got very, very drunk. It wasn’t intentional, it just sort of happened. 269 more words