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Found: Fabulous chip dip delivered to your door

What: Caramelized Onion, Chive & Sour Cream dip, made by a new Ottawa company.

Why: Spread Delivers is a year-old Ottawa company that specializes in supplying gourmet lunches to offices, by bicycle most of the year. 407 more words


Q & A: The three investment bankers behind Calgary's definitive donair rankings

We feel confident in asserting this is the most comprehensive ranking of donair joints in downtown Calgary that you’ll ever read.

Three Calgary investment bankers have generated an alarmingly detailed report on the quality of donairs in downtown Calgary that is making the rounds on Reddit and being passed around by email with a reach as far as London, New York and Houston. 820 more words

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Drama Peas

As librarians in Tupelo, a colleague and I were in charge of taking books to those who couldn’t come to us. Every Wednesday we’d load up our trusty little station wagon and drive around the city dropping off new checkouts and picking up returns. 557 more words

Food And Cooking

... a little bit of summer

February in this part of the world can either be the height of summer, with soaring temperatures and long, dry days, or a time when autumn winds make an early appearance, bringing drizzly weather. 870 more words


Abbey Sharp's tips and recipes to help you reboot your diet this winter

Does your winter diet need a reboot? You’re not alone. Need help? Read on to find out how to get yourself to fall back in love with healthy food. 584 more words


Mozzarella in 40 minutes: Not a stretch

By Cathy Barrow

Pizza night in our house is full-on DIY. Homemade pizza dough and sauce from summer’s canned tomatoes, sure; that’s de rigeur. But homemade mozzarella? 1,365 more words


A Useful Thing Which I Have Discovered

(Which has nothing to do with writing, and which most other people have probably known about for ages):

If you’ve got a rice cooker that came with a steamer basket, the steamer basket is very handy for turning uncooked chicken breasts or tenders into cooked chicken suitable for shredding or dicing and incorporating into things like enchiladas or pot pies or any other recipe that calls for cooked chicken bits. 49 more words

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