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Chicken salad breaks the 'same-old' mould: Crunchy, sweet ingredients meet a tangy, buttermilk dressing

I typically think of salad with chicken as a workhorse of the healthful culinary world.

It reliably gets the job done and can be good, but it is rarely memorable or inspiring. 557 more words


The Night Cook

Many of my friends grew up without learning how to cook. Either they were shooed away while their parents were in the kitchen, or their parents themselves didn’t cook much at all. 1,264 more words

Food And Cooking

The important questions: If everyone hates them so much, why are anchovies ubiquitous?

What differentiates the picky from the discerning? In matters of taste in the arts, this is easily understood: the discerning consumer is enlightened enough to recognize excellence among mediocrity, to separate the wheat from the chaff, whereas the picky merely seem too critical, too fastidious and hard to please. 581 more words


Quick to make, fun to eat: Why Chinese lettuce wraps will never go out of style

Here’s a meal that works for a household full of folks on different schedules. Stir-fry the ginger-and-garlic-flavoured mushrooms and ground pork whenever you’ve got a quorum for dinner. 461 more words


Sweeten up any celebration: These fun homemade cupcakes are big on flavour

Cupcakes may not be as on-trend as doughnuts and cream puffs, but they are so delightful that it’s impossible to say no. Sweeten up your next celebration with these simple homemade creations. 628 more words


# 52 Bake an Authentic Austrian Torte

Aah, Austria.

How could I ever forget my one-and-only visit to this beautiful land-locked country?

Three of us on the obligatory rite-of-passage backpacking trip around Europe found ourselves in Salzburg at Christmas in 1974. 502 more words

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John Gilchrist: Next time you're at Telus Spark check out Social Eatery by Roger Mooking

I’ve had some fine meals at museums, galleries and science centres around the world — the Bauhaus Museum of Design in Berlin, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and the Berkley Art Museum in Oakland to name just three. 745 more words