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Suburban crawl: A beer quest for the greater good

There are currently over 40 artisanal beer brewers in Ecuador. More than half of these are based in Quito. The following is a narration of a recent mission featuring a group of international palates in search of the best artisanal beer of Tumbaco. 736 more words

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Watch This Guy Rap Faster Than Popcorn Can Pop

How do you kill time while waiting for your microwave popcorn to pop? Viral rapper Mac Lethal uses his minute of free time to deliver an insanely fast rap. 138 more words

The Unknown Writer's Christmas Cake

I’ve mentioned before that I have a real love for vintage recipes, and adoration for handwritten, passed down ones. My husband’s Grannie (who is literally one of the most awesome, inspiring people I have ever met in my entire life) knows about this love, and has passed me some of her classics- Including the family’s much loved chocolate cake. 129 more words

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Your eyes will pop when you learn the prices of the world's most expensive burgers

Many fine restaurants offer burger options that are considerably classier than a Big Mac.

However, asking a customer to pay three-, four- and even six-figure prices for a burger is a little extreme, don’t you think? 66 more words

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Recipe: Smoky Roast Red Pepper & Puy Lentil Soup

Here’s a lovely veggie soup that’s great for this time of year here in UK – the smoky-sweet aroma, flavours and rich colours are a real pick-me-up when it’s cold, wet and grey outside. 535 more words

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You don't need to be a "Kid" to enjoy these Sour Patch Kids cookies

There’s nothing quite like a classic candy to make us feel like kids again.

Elise Strachan with My Cupcake Addiction is a master at turning candy into grown-up desserts. 107 more words

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Exclusive Recipe: Shepherd’s Pi (like Shepherd’s Pie, but with more equations)

Shepherd’s Pie is one of the all-time great recipes. No matter how inept you are in the kitchen, it’s a dish you can rustle up simply by cooking a bit of veg and meat, then mashing some potatoes. 448 more words