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Bloomsbury's....An it actually kept up to its name.

Had been here couple of months ago say in the month of May, after having a heavy lunch at the Food Court was just taking a stroll around the mall (Lulu Mall) when my feet couldn’t help but stop in front of this fine-looking cafe , the interior was just so petite and appealing that I couldn’t help but stop by .We happened to look around to what is the best thing to bring our sweet tooth to rest and suddenly our eyes were positioned to this ‘The Double Chocolate Gold cake slice ‘ and The Double Chocolate Gold Cupcake’ the best part was that we just didn’t want to dig in to it and you would know why when u see the picture.

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Takeaway Trauma

I am not going to lie… I like cooking but there are some nights when I desperately wish the little kitchen fairies would just swan into my kitchen and whip the family up a tasty meal without me having to lift a finger. 446 more words

Food And Drink

Wright Brand Bacon Product from Coupons.com

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The 10 most popular beers in America

When it comes to beer, what are Americans drinking?

It turns out, a lot of light beers from a handful of the biggest macro breweries. 29 more words

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Great Street Food @ Grill Topia, Amble

Amble was a shrouded in mist this weekend, making it difficult to see a hand in front of our faces. There’s always an eerie calm in seaside towns when the weather is like this though, and I confess to rather enjoying wandering around in the greyness. 490 more words

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Colorado's Chautauqua Offers A Plethora Of Opportunities Throughout The Year!

Chautauqua is a gem among amazing locations in Boulder! This area offers access to some of the best hiking, dining, concerts, learning opportunities and places to just lay out your picnic blanket in the Boulder area. 340 more words