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Researchers Develop a Technique to Regenerate the Mouse Thymus

3-D visualization of thymus vasculature in mice on day 14 after a non-lethal dose of radiation. The volume of vasculature in the thymus steadily decreased after damage. 59 more words

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Acetaminophen in pregnancy: Is it really safe? : Medical News Today

With up to 70 percent of pregnant American women reaching for acetaminophen to treat pain, infection, and fever, debate about the drug’s safety is ongoing. New research has brought further risks to light. 260 more words


Scalable method to make tissue engineering material

Poly(propylene fumarate) made using a new method can be modified with bioactive groups like peptides even after 3-D printing. Credit: J. Am. Chem. Soc.

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Cellular barcoding helps scientists understand the behavior of stem cells

Landscape of the lineage fate (natural environment) of unperturbed haematopoiesis (the process of mature blood and immune cell production).Stem Cell Program, Boston Children’s Hospital.

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