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With Target officially cutting off ties, Hampton Creek has lost its largest retail customer

The second-largest general goods retailer in America has cut ties with Silicon Valley’s preeminent food startup.

That means Hampton Creek’s Just Mayo vegan mayonnaise products will no longer be on store shelves at Target, concluding a month-long unraveling in the relationship between the two brands. 449 more words

Target won't be adding Hampton Creek products back on its shelves

Despite clearance from the Food and Drug Administration earlier this month, Target has decided to terminate its relationship with beleaguered food startup Hampton Creek.

Target pulled all 20 Hampton Creek products from its shelves two months ago, including its original “Just Mayo” eggless mayonnaise spread, and held an internal review of the startup after it was notified of “specific and serious food safety allegations about Hampton Creek products.” 453 more words


Is CBD the solution for the Opioid Epidemic?

Science is working on that answer. Over the past two years, U.S. medical community has been studying and publishing reports on the affects of Cannabidiol (CBD), the second most abundant component of cannabis.   588 more words


Opinion - Trump declares opioid crisis a national emergency - CNN - John Gelmini

I tend to agree with Dr Alf that Trump’s behind the curve on opioids.

People take drugs for a reason, usually because they need to feel better about themselves and their lot or as a crutch to get through difficulties for which they cannot see a way out. 253 more words


Prescription opioid use is a risk factor for heroin use | National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)

NIDA confirms that prescription opioid use is a risk factor for heroin use. It reports that pooling data from 2002 to 2012, the incidence of heroin initiation was 19 times higher among those who reported prior nonmedical pain reliever use than among those who did not (0.39 vs. 178 more words


Email #247: "uphold our constitutional framework"?

I wrote to you previously about the EPA’s attempt to delay implementing a regulation for two years, a delay which a court struck down as unlawful because the delay violates the regulation development process. 382 more words