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Ragú alla bolognese- An Indian Version for the spicy soul.

Let me tell you a little secret, I am a fanatic when it comes to Italian cuisine. And a sucker for pastas in general. I have a ” PASTA FETISH”.. 693 more words


Sweet Pickle Deviled Eggs

I’ve made deviled eggs several different ways, but never with sweet pickle relish. I know lots of people make it that way, so I decided to give it a try.  279 more words

Food And Recipes

Saby's Barbee Mania- Peri Peri Masala Review with a bonus Al-Faham Chicken Recipe🍗🍗

I’m not the one who has a penchant for readymade masalas. Maybe that’s because I’m brainwashed into thinking that these so called ” Shortcut masalas” are devoid of that authentic flavour and are marketed for profit purposes only. 816 more words


The French Mint: Les Anis de Flavigny

Sharing a candy with an aniseed in its heart is a demonstration of love.

More than 400 years ago (1591) in an Abbey in the Burgundy region of eastern France, a group of Benedictine Monks started making a hard candy from the anise seed, which comes from the plant called Pimpinella Asisum – a sprawling green herb plant with an aromatic scent, strong feathery stems, green leaves and tiny white flowers that produce anise fruits or what others called anise seeds.

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Food And Recipes

"Very Mild, Yes, No Spice!" (and other lies I've been told).

There must be difference between North American and Thai taste buds. THERE MUST BE. Whether this is a born-this-way thing or a my-parents-have-fed-me-chilis-for-breakfast-since-I-was-two thing, I can’t say for sure. 896 more words


Recipe: Home-made Lemonade

Home-made Lemonade


200g/ 7oz Caster Sugar

850ml / 11/2 pint (Chilled) Still / Sparking Water

150ml / 1/2 pint hot water from the kettle… 211 more words


Your Service Sucks-- My Internal Dialogue

On Saturday, an angry man called the customer service line and I was the unfortunate CSR who got the call. He started off the conversation by yelling, “Your service SUCKS!” after my cheerful greeting. 419 more words