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Stovetop Apple Cinnamon Butter

Last fall, I made some homemade applesauce. I thought it was so much better than store-bought. After making that, I decided I needed to try making homemade apple butter sometime. 309 more words

Food And Recipes

Appalachian Foods

The Appalachian region was a cultural melting pot as the country became more and more populated. You had the Native Americans, who were here to start with, along with a great deal of people who had a Scotch-Irish heritage, those from England and many more. 544 more words


RECIPE DAY - Banoffee Pie!

Dear readers,

This recipe is coming straight from the Queen of Cakes, Swastika Sobti (Proud owner of Cake Square). It will be a crime not to try it! 192 more words


What Caffeine Consumption does to your Body and Why I Quit Coffee

About two months ago, I decided to quit coffee again. I’ve been coffee free before for years, and for a while I drank nothing but caffeine free coffee, just because I like that taste of it so much. 618 more words


FIKA Granola

Ten years ago (2006) Lars Akerlund opened a coffeehouse on 58th Street in Manhattan called FIKA – a Swedish word  pronounced “FeeKah” that translates into taking a coffee break to indulge in the ritual of conversation, often accompanied by something sweet or savory. 251 more words

Food And Recipes

The Mac and Jeezy Experiment

So, it’s been a while since I wrote a food post…and I completely blame my brother-in-law for it. He HAD to show me the Tasty YouTube channel; and HAD to have me drool over the Mac and Jeezy vid. 86 more words

Food And Recipes

Fall in Love with Essential Oils

About 12 years ago, I first tried Essential Oils.  Thought they were nice, but that’s about it.  It wasn’t until I tried using them on some actual health issues and for skin, that I realized how powerful nature can be, how effective they are and what a wonderful addition good oils can be into one’s wellness plan of nutrition, excercise and rest. 9 more words

Food And Recipes