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$2m dump is ‘good value’

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IN an area full of luxurious properties, this home stands out for all the wrong reasons. 5,839 more words

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How to make perfect Colcanon, 1847 style

Mrs. Crowen’s American Lady’s Cookery Book, Mrs. T.J. Crowen

“Cabbage and Potatoes.- Chop cold boiled cabbage and potatoes quite fine; put them together, season with butter, pepper and salt, add a very little vinegar to hopt water, to moisten without making it wet, put it into a stew-pan over the firs, stir it well, that is may be thoroughly heated, but not burn; then take it into a dish, and serve for breakfast, or with cold boiled salt meat for dinner.”

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Healthy Breakfast Muffin Hacks

I am all about convenient healthy options for my on-the-go lifestyle. I try to save cash by packing as many healthy meals and snacks as I can each week, and one of my favorite go-to’s is a health(ier) breakfast muffin.  275 more words

Creamy Cucumber Salad

Something cool and creamy sounds good on a hot day, doesn’t it? You might be thinking “ice cream,” but I’m actually talking about this Creamy Cucumber Salad! 417 more words

Food And Recipes

Nature's amazing pharmacy

Have you ever wondered why most medicinal drugs main components are plant derivatives? Wonder no more because the reason behind that is that most plants and herbs have healing properties. 338 more words

Food And Recipes

Vegan Cheese sauce

I have been dairy free for about a year now,  and I used to love cheese! I mean, the bluer the cheese the better. Eating a lot of cheese never actually made me feel good, but it would be the price I’d pay for some cheesy pizza or creamy pastas. 361 more words

Food And Recipes

The perfect summer salad, featured on WTNH!

This morning was so much fun! Miss Liz hosted another cooking segment on WTNH’s Good Morning Connecticut on News Channel 8. The hosts and employees there are all so nice and so much fun! 191 more words

Food And Recipes