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Eat Different

This World Water Day I didn’t shave an extra minute or two off my shower, or forgo watering my potted plants. Instead, I shopped at the farmers’s market and mapped out the dinner menu for the upcoming week. 396 more words

Food And Water

Climate Change and Migration in Bangladesh

How does climate change affect migrational flows in Bangladesh? Check out this extensive background research provided by the International Organization for Migration. 24 more words

College & Beyond

The World's First Climate Refugee

One man’s journey from Kiribati to Fiji sparked a worldwide debate over who will be most affected by climate change. Read about how Ioane Teitiota became the world’s first climate refugee.

High School

Dr. Seuss Approved Green Eggs

My kids left for school in their pajamas. Today, the school cafeteria served green-dyed eggs and ham  to celebrate America’s favorite rhyming doctor. But I like to think Dr. 196 more words

Food And Water

Why American Soil Makes Us Sick

“How many families don’t have someone sick in them? We all have somebody in our family that is fighting obesity, high blood pressure, cancer, something,” said Kurt Unkle, Owner of… 719 more words

Food And Water

Yes! Magazine: A Sustainability Repository

For teachers looking to find resources on sustainability, empathy, and social change to share with their students, Yes! Magazine’s website is a great place to start. 6 more words

High School

KIDmade Organic Cookies

A few months back I wrote about the importance of cultivating the next generation of mini-chefs in the post, Top Reasons Why Kids Need to be in the Kitchen… 305 more words

Food And Water