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The Slippery Slope-Tactics in the Assisted Suicide Movement

I first saw this tactic  in the mid-1980s when Missouri was considering a “living will” law to allow a person to refuse “death prolonging procedures” if a person became terminally ill and unable to speak for himself or herself.  721 more words

Medical Ethics

Do Not Underestimate The Value Of Food And Water

Source: Modern Survival Blog, by Ken Jorgustin

This morning while reading an article/interview between Jim Sinclair and Greg Hunter regarding the ‘pressure cooker’ financial/economic time bomb of our current system and how it’s going to blow one day, they were talking about the value of having some gold and silver as a ‘savings account’ for one’s extra wealth (no counter-party risk compared to ‘fiat’ paper money). 376 more words


Green Beer... not as gross as it sounds

Here at UpVote Earth, we don’t mind a cold beer every now and then. And while (responsibly) enjoying one, we started talking about the economic and environmental impact breweries have throughout the world. 558 more words


The Future of Food

  • By the year 2050, the Earth’s food production will need to have risen by 50%.
  • Every year in the last decade, 20-50% of all food produced has been either fed to animals, or wasted.
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Have You Been to a Fermentation Festival?

“I don’t want to go to a fermentation festival,” complained Joaquin, my ten-year son. “I don’t like kimchi or sauerkraut,” he groaned. I reminded him of other fermented foods, which don’t involve cabbage he likes, like salsa, pickles, kombucha and chocolate. 469 more words

Food And Water

Heat for Quail in the Winter Months?

It’s mid-September here in Colorado and Evan K., a subscriber of my YouTube channel, recently asked:  “How cold does it get where you live? Have you had any problems with the watering system freezing?” 479 more words

Eat Less Water Coming to Bookstores Near You Fall 2017

I hit the send button for my completed manuscript for Eat Less Water (with a little help from my three children)! It took seven years, 16,000 miles of travel and a whole lot of faith to finish. 278 more words

Water Conservation