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From Fuel to Fine Art

Food’s wild ride in human culture

Somehow, humans went from scrabbling roots and berries and munching bark to inventing cauliflower ice cream, cucumber gelée, oscietre caviar and piedmont hazelnuts and making it look like this: 1,131 more words


Wild Animals!

Every visit to the LBJ National Grasslands is an adventure that usually involves hunting for mushrooms.  But the last two weeks have been particularly exciting. With Spring around the corner the animals are coming out to play. 562 more words


Edible Art: the BENTO redesigned

Thinking inside the Bento Box

Like many aspects of Japanese culture, particularly contemporary fads (anime, Hello Kitty, harajuku girls), the bento has become extremely popular here in North America. 303 more words

Mushroom Chronicles: Day 1

Today was Mushroom Monday.  My Blue Oyster Mushroom kit arrived.  Take a look…

The directions indicate I am to leave the contents in the bag and place it on a shallow plate.     65 more words

Food As Art

What would you love doing if you weren't being paid?

That is what a friend asked his son when they were talking about what major he should choose in college. (actually Yale – the boy is going to Yale!) 339 more words

Do What You Love

Food has the right to be clicked

I came across an article saying that in some restaurants, chefs are discouraging customers from photographing their food. They have reasons like- the food gets cold by the time they are done clicking, and that it disturbs other diners who prefer to enjoy their meal quietly. 658 more words

Everything Food-related

Ancient Stories, Art, and Food

After these weeks of stress-producing yearly medical-everythings, Cliff and I decided it was time for a date. Our Kansas City world-class museum offered an exhibit, … 1,053 more words