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Hidden Ingredients: Reasons to become a Label Reader

By Jaime Rice

Not so long ago I used to never read the nutrition labels on the foods I would purchase. I would take whatever the item said on the front as the truth. 564 more words


GoMacro or Go Home

I try to eat as clean as possible. Not too long after Val and I first transitioned to our current way of eating, we minimized food that came out of a package. 821 more words


Quickie - Are you forgetting the purpose of food?

Copyright 2015, Dennis Mitton

Unless you’re French and believe that the primary purpose of food is pleasure there are two needs that food fulfills but only one is ever talked about.  283 more words


#juneathon Day 4, Hit and Run drivers, and a lucky escape.

Today’s exercise was a 3.7 mile round trip to A & E with my eldest.  He was hit by a speeding driver yesterday afternoon, but thankfully, and I can only assume someone was looking over him, he was just hit in the arm.   358 more words

Weight Loss

What is food to you?

When I think of food, I think of good times with friends, shared meals and laughter.  So when friends say to me they think of food simply as fuel – you know, the stuff you have to put in your car to make the engine run and not much more – then I feel a bit sad for them. 732 more words

Dry #Juneathon? Who am I kidding? (Day 3)

Today’s exercise is complete.  It wasn’t running in the end.  For several reasons.  One. I felt particularly self conscious on putting my running gear on today.   487 more words


Fun Food Stuff

I don’t know what it is, but almost nothing can make me as happy as letting myself get a latte in the morning. I have to somewhat… 156 more words