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I don’t know what it is, but almost nothing can make me as happy as letting myself get a latte in the morning. I have to somewhat… 156 more words


The Merry Month of May

We have had some sunny days in upstate NY finally and people here be like . . .So as we transition to warmer weather some things may change with skincare and makeup. 1,090 more words


One Week Checkup

It’s been a little over a week since I started following IIFYM. I’m proud to say that, with the exception of a birthday party on Sunday, I followed my macros pretty closely. 307 more words


A New Chapter: IIFYM

My diet has been a frustrating and confusing thing for a while now. I eat healthy, mostly homemade foods that loosely mimic a Paleo diet (low carb, very little wheat and dairy). 785 more words


Rant and Review - the 21 Day Superhero Challenge

It has been a few weeks since finishing the 21 Day Superhero Challenge and I wanted to get my thoughts on it out there before too much time passed and before I started talking about the next step in my fitness journey. 657 more words


Grr, #vlm2015 training session cut short. But still, 6 miles..! @slimmables @beyondchoc @londonmarathon

A year ago I wouldn’t have been saying, oh well, I only managed 6 miles.  So I am claiming that as a mini victory and evidence of the progress I have made in terms of health and fitness. 688 more words


#janathon, Body Pump, #depression and @slimmables

I love being physically exhausted.  The sort from a good hard work out, where I have given at least 95% and ache with satisfaction.  And I love it when it takes only 45 minutes to achieve that state. 660 more words

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