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Resolutions And Healthy Eating

“Food is fuel for our resolutions.”  

I really wish I could take credit for that line, but I can’t. I hear clever things and wish I had somehow been inspired to say it first. 904 more words

Diet & Disease

Diet is whatever you eat, it’s not something that you go on and go off of, it’s not cheating, it’s not depriving, diet is food. The foods you choose to eat can help keep you healthy or make you sick. 473 more words

Don't Live To Eat, Eat To Live!

An Open Letter to Myself

Food is NOT the enemy.  You see yourself with higher fat mass than before. But you also see yourself as being stronger, with more sustained energy and having more muscles.  111 more words


Fuelling the Body

Be concious of what you choose to put in your body..

Food should be viewed as fuel not as a means to destress

Choose to be deliberate with what you put in your body… 29 more words


Being Your Own Health Advocate: Food

I can see a series of posts taking form on this subject, since I don’t want any of them to be overly long. I’m going to keep coming back to the subject because my passion is growing… 739 more words