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Food exchange

Around the world few individuals or households are continuously self reliant for food. This creates the need for bartering ,exchange or cash economy to acquire food. 43 more words


Food distribution

Because consumers outnumber producers in every country, food must be distributed to different regions and nations.

Food distribution involves the storage, processing, transport, packaging and marketing of food. 27 more words


Food production

Food production is determined by a number of factors including land ownership and use,soil management, crop selection, livestock breeding and management and harvesting.

Crop production can be affected by changes in rainfall and temperatures. 41 more words


Veganism and Elitism

There’s an old song by Melissa Etheridge called, I Could Have Been You. ┬áThe lyrics to the chorus are this:

I could have been you… 1,574 more words

Animals And Religion

Marshalling Our Resources

Our world is finite. That makes the resources within it, technically, finite. Those that don’t regenerate within a human lifetime are simply more finite than others. 971 more words