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Limiting resources in sessile systems: food enhances diversity and growth of suspension feeders despite available space

Authors: J Robin Svensson and Dustin J Marshall

Published in: Ecology, volume 96, issue 3 (March 2015)


Much of our understanding of competition comes from observations in sessile systems, such as rainforests and marine invertebrate communities. 225 more words

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GMOs may be safe to eat, but does that "Roundup" our only concern?

Yesterday we highlighted the benefits of genetically modified (GM) food. While the use of GM food may provide some benefits, it does not do so without presenting long-term concerns. 407 more words

Food Security

How difficult is it to get food to people?

With the abundance of food wasted so far from the tonnes of food waste generated each year, it appears there is more than sufficient food for everyone on Earth. 640 more words

Food Security

The Buzz About Bees

After months of rain, and a couple days of snow, B.C. residents welcome the distinctive buzzing of the black and yellow bumblebee (unless we are too busy running away), for this is a sure sign that spring is almost here! 193 more words

Food Bank of WNY

Site name:
Food Bank of WNY

Site address:
91 Holt St
Buffalo, NY 14206
United States

Site phone number:
(716) 852-1305

Site fax number:
716.852.7858… 367 more words

Summer Service

God bless the rains

Peace Corps Volunteers love to talk about food. When we have internet, we share pictures on each other’s walls of decadent brownie sundaes and deep dish pizzas. 987 more words

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