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Climate Change Major Risk To Food And Nutrition Stability

“FAO Strategy on Climate Change. Rome, July 2017. The risks to food and nutrition stability are aggravated by the expected increase of the frequency and intensity of climate-related events.” 390 more words

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The Masterful Market

Market’s trump (no pun intended) the supermarket for me ANY DAY! The local  Farmer’s Market, Renninger’s, here in Kutztown gives the electric feel of the weekenders and culture of 5 generations as compared to the dull fluorescence of strolling through the supermarket where I feel like Jeopardy’s iconic ticking-time music should be playing while I walk through (or that crappy elevator music that constantly reminds you that you’re stuck. 322 more words

Food Availability

Organic vs. Non-Organic

As Cher once said, “If you could turn back time” would you? Today, more than ever, the modern day grocery shopper has an overly abundant amount of decisions to make when shopping. 542 more words

Food Availability

Fruitful Delights

Because the average person buys for appearance instead of taste, fruit found at a local supermarket is more likely to be purchased than fruit that was grown from someone’s backyard.   303 more words

Food Availability

Most Convenient Spot for Quick Groceries by Jason Hurst

Jason Hurst

Being that I don’t have a car it can sometimes be quite difficult for me to get food living in Kutztown. So I couldn’t help but be curious of what different places were available for me to get some food when I really was in dire need of some food. 697 more words

Food Availability

The Importance of Local Food

Do you like eating compost? If you do, then Giant’s strawberries, shipped all the way from Mexico, are perfect for you. It’s moldy enough to pet and mushy enough to be compost. 280 more words

Food Availability