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Discount supermarkets seeing more traffic amid crappy economy, hyper food inflation

An increasing number of shoppers are swapping a trip to a more costly conventional supermarket for one to the local discount grocer, either by choice or force as the economy shows further signs of deterioration. 308 more words


Have A Lot of Tomatoes? Make Tomato Sauce!

When taking the kids to the bus stop this morning it was a chilly 30F degrees outside. It’s not even November yet. Which is why, I sent my husband and daughter to pick the remainder of the tomatoes last night before the big chill. 443 more words


So You Want to Learn to Cook: The Basics, Onions & Garlic

So you want to learn to cook, do you? That’s great because I really really really love making food happen! 662 more words


Kitchen Essentials

With results day looming everyone is starting to think about gathering the university essentials. Maybe your parents will take you for your initial food shop to grab the basics they think you need to survive, or you’re off on your first shopping trip with fellow flatmates. 544 more words


Are discount grocery stores becoming a myth?

Have you noticed your local discount grocer isn’t such a discount anymore?

During any given week this summer at the biggest “value” supermarket in the country, No Frills, the deals featured on the front pages of its flyers have been, on average, less generous than in the past. 598 more words


Korean food basics: Jokbal

Jokbal (족발) is one of those divisive Korean foods that people tend to either love or hate. Even if you haven’t eaten it, you’ve probably seen it in the market; those huge piles of whole pig’s trotter are kinda hard to miss. 797 more words


Easy One-Plate Brunch - Creamy Eggs & Chicken Salad

For those of us who aren’t “morning people” brunch is a wondrous thing; a magical portmanteau that conjures visions of hollandaise, eggs, and champagne. It is especially welcome on a Sunday afternoon after the debauchery that was Saturday night. 275 more words