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Reader letter: Food Basics stores a big improvement

My congratulations go out to the new Food Basics store on Tecumseh Road West at Huron Church Road. We’ve been waiting patiently for the conversion from Metro to Food Basics and I wasn’t disappointed. 80 more words


Frustrated by stray shopping carts, Windsor man hoards them in protest

Don’t like the trashy look of stray shopping carts in your neighbourhood? Neither does Windsor property owner Josh Bastien — who was so fed up by the phenomenon that he began collecting the carts in his garage as a form of protest. 496 more words

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24 Recipes

I was on Twitter and noticed that Bon Appétit (@bonappetit) posted a list of 24 basic recipes that everyone should know how to make. Here you go: 157 more words


UNI Cook Book

Easy cooking for students…

Food Essentials… useful to have in your larder… and a few basic recipes…

Food stuffs:

  • Onions, garlic, bag of potatoes
  • Rice, pasta, pasta sauce, pesto, canned tomato, kidney beans, baked beans, any canned beans, cous-cous…
  • 545 more words

Blind Baking Pastry

I like making pastry tarts, and many of my recipes require a sweet pastry recipe (see Chocolate, Lemon or Rhubarb tart recipes).  Many recipes for pastry ask you to Blind Bake – but what does this mean? 680 more words


Metro stores conversion 'shaft' the West End

Re: Metro employees agree to wage cuts, May 31.

Metro grocery store #341 is about to convert to a Metro-owned Food Basics. The west end is shafted again. 152 more words


Metro workers agree to wage cuts to keep jobs

Workers at the city’s Metro grocery stores have agreed to wage cuts to avoid closures and job losses.

Metro had threatened to close two of its four Windsor stores if the 400 workers didn’t agree to concessions. 280 more words

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