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This Week's Flyer Review - Grocery

Before I start with this week’s flyer review, I would like to talk about Loblaws for a moment. Well, complain really. You see, while I’m hospitalized and do not necessarily need to grocery shop, I do occasionally help some of my family members by buying them some food. 587 more words

A healthy shopping list

One of the most common things I hear from friends, colleagues and family who tell me they struggle with eating healthier is that they don’t know what foods to buy. 1,409 more words


The easiest (healthy) icecream

Chances are if you are in to your healthy eating then you’ll have heard of ‘nicecream’ before.  However, judging by the reaction I received to my recent picture on Instagram of my bowl of  1,204 more words


Weekly Flyer Review - Groceries

Did anyone notice that I completely forgot about Metro last week? Yeah, totally slipped my mind. And, here’s the really bad part, I had emailed myself a list of the sales! 698 more words

Quick and easy food options for when you have no packed lunch

Following on from Sunday’s meal planning post I began thinking about those days where you haven’t had time to cook anything beforehand but still want to eat well at lunch.  1,609 more words


Meal planning 101

This week I’ve had a lot of conversations about meal planning.  I’d love to say it’s off the back of last week’s post about food prep… 1,436 more words


Food prep made easy

Lets talk about food prep.   You only have to type #foodprep in to Instagram and you’re overwhelmed with hundreds, if not thousands, of images of perfectly prepared and portioned meals for the week which are set out in pristine kitchens without a hint of mess or fuss – I’m not knocking it, if you’re one of those people then please tell me your secrets because no matter how hard I try I always end up with food all over me… 1,414 more words