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Last night I tackled a Pinterest project.

You know what I mean: a project with a beautiful final outcome paired with a smiling blogger who never skips showering because she overslept on a Thursday. 538 more words



I should stop collecting inspiration. The list of recipes I wanna try and share with you is growing longer and longer, and I don’t wanna plan too much what I’m gonna make for the coming weeks. 729 more words

Cashew Kitchen


Oh my, my head is bursting with ideas! This always happen to me when the light returns in springtime. Alongside the cherry blossoms and road side blooms, my inspiration and energy awakens and I somehow manage to have twice as many ongoing projects as during wintertime. 1,239 more words

Monthly Summaries


The link list for this month is longer than it has ever been before. I don’t know where I’m supposed to find the time to try out all these mind blowing mouth watering recipes??!! 1,006 more words

Monthly Summaries

Awesome resource discovered

I have discovered a great new food blog full of great low sugar recipes for kids … Named www.sugarfreekids.com.au … Pretty straightforward title ;)

I am planning on trying out the marshmallows this weekend … Rather excited.


A symphony of whales, swaying palms & dessert pastries

As I sit here under the sway of the palms planning the last bits and pieces for Christmas, I have a splendid display before me. In the smooth as glass Atlantic Ocean, are loads and loads of whales, blowing streams of white spray into the air. 647 more words

Cape Town

Hey there!

I just wanted to take a moment to welcome all the new followers to the bakery.

Here I was, keeping myself to myself, hiding inconspicuously in my little corner, chocolate smeared across my face and my fingers covered in dough, surreptitiously licking out the bowl, when those cheeky monkeys over at WordPress HQ go and point a… 128 more words