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Blog: The Munch and Tattle

Blog: The Munch and Tattle
Blog Address: http://www.themunchandtattle.com
Blurb: A Food Blog (Mostly BBQ and Grill): Trying everything once and telling you all about it. Good or bad! 16 more words


Chickpea Crêpes, Masala Dosa style

Planning the cooking for Passover usually means thinking about the week itself, buying matzah and gefilte fish and horseradish and so on. But for me, it also means using up the open bags of flour, beans, rice and pasta, plus whatever yogurt, cheese and milk I have left, and yet not overdosing on starches. 2,135 more words


Flounder - The Story of a Lonely Fish

Flounder doesn’t get a lot of love these days. Despite it’s mild flavor, and light texture – I haven’t found a recipe that really captures the good notes of this delicate, white fish. 764 more words


meatless monday: food sharing

No time for recipe-ing. Only time for image (and food) sharing.

(Lovely photo via Lu Curates; visit for more goodness).

Tasty Things

Chicken Marsala [over pasta]

this is seriously one of my husband’s most favorite meals. i took pictures the last time i made this but can’t find them, so the next time this is up on the menu, i’ll be sure to snap some and update this post with them! 494 more words


Man meets bean: falafel results

Let’s say you are a human being who has encountered a bean for the first time. I’m speaking of a bean with a hard shell, the kind that looks more like a pretty rock than anything to do with food. 912 more words