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10 most expensive ingredients in the world - #10 – Edible Gold (Gold Leaf/Gold Dust)

The goodness of gold!

Finally, we wrap up the list of 10 most expensive ingredients in the world with Edible Gold (Gold Leaf/Dust). A quick recap on the previous ones: 396 more words

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor

10 most expensive ingredients in the world - #9 – Saffron

It more than makes sense to put the ‘most expensive spice in the world’ at a decent number 5th position in this list after Kopi Luwak, Matsutake Mushroom, Yubari Melon and Caviar. 556 more words

Who Likes BBQ?

Who likes barbecue? Doesn’t everybody? Okay I guess vegans are out on this one. But to all my other meat lovers, I’m so excited to tell you about the 3rd Annual Grillers Gone Wild Competition that took place in South Daytona. 513 more words

Tasty new dish

I was thinking of a refreshing dessert the other day for a new client booking I received, and didn’t want anything too heavy at the end of the 4 course meal so decided on a nice tasty lemon posset with meringue. 208 more words


In honour of Michael O'Hare

Inspired by recently watching Great British menu on bbc2 recently and seeing an amazing chef named Michael O’Hare from his 1 Michelin stared restaurant in Leeds ‘The man behind the curtain’ … 124 more words


Limerick Limerick Food Series: La Cucina

 International Students on food in Limerick     

 By Lindsay Nygren and Xiaoyu Lin, University of Limerick International Student Ambassadors

Many of our international students miss their home foods when they study here, so do we. 419 more words

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Blog Inspiration!

Hey guys! So, I’m pretty new to this whole “blogging” thing…..I feel like I’m just now seriously getting the hang of it! Living in Austin, Texas and being a food lover as well, I felt a blog that focuses on food of the ATX was what I wanted to do.  330 more words