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October Degustabox .... The Taste of Autumn

I absolutely adore Degustabox. A monthly box of food and drink items and you have no idea what you are getting until the day it arrives…. 1,655 more words


12 Ways The World Eats Raw Beef

A surprising number of food cultures feature a dish of seasoned raw beef that’s beautifully plated and served with the barest of accompaniments. From the familiar hand-chopped tartare and razor-thin carpaccio to the fiery hot, barely seared, cheddar-studded and scallion-bedazzled, there’s a preparation to strike every carnivore’s fancy.

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AP Little Cube

1 cubic foot of aquaponics. Automatic plant watering, naturally self-cleaning aquaponics aquarium.

For those looking to start really small with aquaponics, there is the AP Little Cube. 105 more words


[Infographic] Guide to Stir-Frying

Our guide to stir-frying teaches you the basics of this quick and healthy cooking method. With this simple cooking formula, you’ll be able to get creative and make a variety of stir-fried dishes in your own home kitchen without ever having to order take out again!

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Foodies and Dating

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We decided to gather articles about dating people who love to cook/bake/eat.
This list is our note and also for everyone who is single (or not!) ;) Hopefully you can find something useful/funny/inspiring. 231 more words


24 Best Quotes Ever About Food

A definitive graphic collection of the pithiest, smartest things ever said about cooking and eating. 365 more words


[Infographic] Everything You Need to Know About Eggs

The guide to eggs contains all the information you could possibly need about these oval-shaped gems, including size, grading system, colors of eggs; boiling time, taste and how to use different types of eggs. 8 more words