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One of the major problems facing Manhattan food trucks is the lack of available parking spaces from which they can sell their wares. Parking tickets can be the difference in a day’s profit or loss. 53 more words

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Neither Snow Nor Rain Nor Gloom of Night...

It was early morning on the coldest day of the year – many folks had a hard time rallying to go out. But The Halal Guys, the highly popular food cart offering gyros and chicken & rice platters, were already out on 6th and 53rd – organizing, setting up, cooking. 13 more words

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Listen to This...

Street food vendors value their clientele. Although it is a “time is money” type of business, for regulars there is always time for a hearty hello, a fast joke or a quick story. 19 more words

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Night Lights

After a full day, many street food vendors return to their home base to prepare for tomorrow’s business. However, there are others that take it well into the night, just for us folks that do not follow the 9 to 5 routine – or want a midnight snack.

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Ben's Grill House

Today we went to Ben’s Grill House, a food cart attached to Sweet Basil Thai on NE 31st and Broadway. I learned about it from my classmate, Ben, whose family has owned Sweet Basil Thai for 15 years! 255 more words

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Soft pretzels are one of the quintessential foods of New York City. A food cart staple, many tourists view their visit to the Big Apple incomplete without a sampling of this warm and salty icon – preferably with a nice slather of mustard.

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Become Your Dream

Food carts and food trucks are all about dreams – independence, employment, working with your best friend, creating the best food, sharing a tradition, making the family proud. 23 more words

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