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Myeongdong is known as a main shopping district that tourists love to visit. Many retail workers in the stores can speak a range of languages to cater to the foreigners that go there to shop. 327 more words

portland, part 2: day 1

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Taken on Tuesday, September 29, 2017 while getting the best of both worlds with city life and natural wonders.

Early flight from… 234 more words


Tasty, authentic Mexican cuisine: Chicago’s Maxwell St. Market [classic article]

(As first seen on JewishJournal.com) Though Chicago’s been in the news a lot lately — dealing with political issues, a crime wave and harsh weather — it’s still one of the great cities in the world! 505 more words


Headlines from Taglines: Halal Guys 

The assignment for this week was to blow out our taglines for the brands two weeks ago.

I had a LOT of trouble trying to find clever, strong copy to fit the theme I built with the taglines. 6 more words

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