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When was that last time you labeled a food “good” or “bad”? Or perhaps you feel that you HAVE to eat and exercise PERFECTLY in order to accomplish your health and fitness goals. 861 more words


Wellbeing: The Mid-year update

At the beginning of the year, I did a little post about tips and tricks for being generally “Well” with my dear friend Briana. We both came up with some amazing ways to promote personal wellbeing, however as you have all seen, I fell off the wagon rather elegantly. 713 more words

Finally, a gluten free bread we can make at home

Previous to Mr Incredible being diagnosed with a wheat allergy we made all our bread at home. We often still do for the kids and I but I lost a lot of drive to do this after diagnoses. 641 more words


The A, B, C, D'S of Nutrition

Depending on what article you read or who you listen to, nutrition can get complicated, quick! We face nutrition dilemmas with every food choice we make. 429 more words


What's in Your Break Room?

What’s in Your Breakroom?

Is there a breakroom in your office or place of work? If so, how would you describe it? Is it warm and inviting? 447 more words

Healthy People

What is Food? Food Rules 1-10

We have become a society with less emphasis on enjoying what’s for dinner (breakfast, lunch and snack for that matter) and more on the ease of the meal as we grab it through a car window, out of a box or allow an institution to prepare it.   619 more words


Bad influences

I know I cant blame others for my wrong habits or not sticking ot my goals, but some people are just such a bad influence, like my sister. 325 more words

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