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Why There Is So Much Contradicting Information Regarding Nutrition

My hope is to answer this question today….

“Why is there so much contradictory information out there regarding nutrition”?

And while there may be a couple reasons for this, I believe there is a main overriding factor that plagues the fitness industry in providing bad information without true context behind the facts. 1,547 more words

Food Choices

How to Eat Out and Have a Healthy Breakfast


Eating a healthy breakfast will help you make healthier food choices throughout the day, states Mayo Clinic nutritionist, Katherine Zeratsky, R.D., L.D. But is it possible to eat a healthy breakfast at a restaurant? 310 more words

How Should We Eat?

How should we live?  This question and its infinite answers have shaped human civilization since we first moved away from our primal selves. Whether we are realize it or not, we are answering that question with every decision we make.   1,296 more words

What Foods Should You Be Eating?

When it comes to choosing the right foods for dieting, there is so much information out there that for the average person, it’s about near impossible to figure out what is actually healthy versus unhealthy. 627 more words

Food Choices

McGyver In All Of Us

When it comes to preparing something to eat, whether a snack or meal. We check to see what we have and what sounds good.

Whether it’s leftovers or something simple, like a peanut butter sandwich. 106 more words


More Apricots

Thanks to FoodSoGood, for her contribution on apricots pits.

Pro: The pit naturally contain the chemical, amygdalin as vitamin B-17.  The deficiency of this vitamin suggest that it may contribute to cancer and other illnesses. 124 more words

Food glorious food!

Ah yes, food glorious food, cold jelly and custard.. and so on.

I’m a big fan of food, big being the operative word, a testament in fact to my love of food. 608 more words