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Diet and Food Choices, Pass the Judgement

Diet choices are one of those things where people get judgey. I do it, usually in a quiet way, a thought or a mention in confidence to my husband. 521 more words


Day 106

Reminding myself with a little bit of encouragement today✌🏼. After successfully not emotionally eating this week 🎉🙌🏼(something I am relearning) while my husband was gone on a work trip and I was left with our littles, I celebrated being reunited with him tonight by eating something I usually avoid: added sugar. 74 more words



by cintia milk

Yesterday me and my husband watched the new documentary  “What the health”. A great way for me personally to be reminded of Cowspiracy ages ago. 302 more words

Healthy eating behaviors: using stimulus control to help ourselves make healthy food choices

Sunday was Mother’s Day. I have two beautiful baby boys, a 3 year old and a 9 month old, who are the reason I got to celebrate. 1,437 more words

Health And Wellbeing Exercises

There's no cutesy "Oh, I'll just have a salad" to my salads...

Now that we have been in Texas for over a week, I have been getting used to the changes. Of course, a lot of the changes have to do with food. 686 more words


Jacarandas in May: An Unforgettable Californian Sight With Tips

The sight of those flaming lavender flowers on the Jacaranda trees in May will freeze one in midstep, but the bloom is so fleeting that I forget all about them till the trees are ablaze again. 234 more words


Yes, I am vegetarian...

1. No, I don’t care if you eat Beef/Pork in front of me.

2. Yes, I do eat eggs. Yes, I do feel conflicted.

3. I do consume dairy. 185 more words

Tidbits And Musings