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Benefits of Yogurt

Have you noticed that the yogurt section of most grocery stores has practically taken over the dairy aisle? I have at least five different brands of yogurt in my refrigerator now (see image posted). 675 more words

Sugar Detox Blues

We, my wife and I, have started a 31-day sugar detox. We are on day 1 and as it is a blog day I should be blogging but right at this moment my only real thought is I’m kinda hungry and it’s still a long time until bedtime. 133 more words

Creamy spinach, tomato and turkey over rice

(Pic of it halfway eaten, I could not wait)

This meal has about 630 calories, 9g fat, 67g carbs, 53g protein.

This may or may not sound like a “low calorie” meal to some, however it is very macro friendly, and is so high volume that it could easily be split into 2 meals. 342 more words

5 Better Choices You can Make at Restaurants

Wellness Wednesday

Good nutrition is vital when striving to live a healthy lifestyle!

What we choose to eat today, not only affects how we feel now and into tomorrow. 860 more words


Coffee chat: Our food choices affect others in ways we might not even realise

Yesterday, while I was walking back home from the gym, I saw something that struck me so I decided to write about it hoping that it will make you think too. 750 more words


More reasons to kiss the cook

My husband told me in no uncertain terms this week that he wants his props. And, in truth, he deserves them.

The most important thing in my life is keeping my food boundaries. 642 more words


Dining hall intervention helped students' choices

As I have written in some of my blog posts on the brain. It is our frontal lobes that separate us from the rest of the creatures on this earth. 488 more words