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Best Superfoods To Include in Your Diet

Eating healthy is one of the most important factors to living a healthy lifestyle along with staying active and getting adequate exercise. When it comes to your daily nutrition, the foods you eat can have a direct effect on how you will feel during the day. 219 more words


Jarrett Franklin: Make Better Food Choices

Being a nutrition Jarrett Franklin knows it is sometimes difficult to make a path of good nutrition. To maintain a good health, eating right is not always enough to accomplish said… 171 more words

Jarrett Franklin

Low Calorie Salad Dishes - 6 Healthy Salad Dishes For Weight Loss

Excess abdominal fat is a health threat that the medical community states results both ladies and men. Scientists have actually found a correlation in between excess stomach fat, around the organs and health problems in men. 419 more words

A No Charge Method To Reduce Weight Quick By Consuming Water

Through the encouragement and sense of achievement, in addition to the challenge of hitting targets, this can be achieved with ease. But the question is, exactly what occurs if you do not strike an objective? 521 more words

Week 4 Day 27 & 28 on the FMD

Well the last two days have been tough for both the plan and just in general.  I had a last minute trip three hours south to visit my ailing grandmother, who is not likely to live very much longer.  340 more words

Food Choices

Week 4 Day 26 on the FMD

Sure enough, scale is up this morning.  I know it is the salt but still frustrating.  Looking forward to trying some new ideas today for Phase 3. 172 more words

Food Choices

Week 4 Day 25 on the FMD

Second day of Phase 2.  Really trying to embrace the spices and look for the positives of this part of the diet…it really is simple, straightforward.  278 more words