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A Vegetarian Of 50 Years

2016 is the personal 50th anniversary year of me becoming a vegetarian. I was a young teen when the decision was made to do this, even if I had to defy my parents.  647 more words

Cultural Highlights

A Glance of the Week

I finally downloaded pics, all food related :)  Combined with so much more! I can’t believe I started this Healthy Lifestyle a year ago! My how time flies and I am loving the journey . 112 more words


Food choices, the documentary

I watched this documentary yesterday and I really felt that sense of urgency to write something about it but more than make a comment on it, invite you to watch it. 117 more words

Effects Of Junk Food And Healing The Body With Nutrition

Good food is essential for a healthy body. Eating junk can create an environment for parasites to develop and cause many illnesses and therefore, an unhealthy body. 931 more words

Healthy Food

I can't afford fruit...........

A friend of ours hears this statement a lot, and each time it puts her back up.
For me, it’s not necessarily a case of not being able to afford it, but more refusing to pay the prices asked for it. 452 more words


How to respond to a Carnie – Part 1

Every time I tell a carnie I am a veg, an odd conversation ensues.   People respond with a mix of insecurity, reverence, defensiveness, curiosity, incredulity, sarcasm and disdain . 1,672 more words

The fear of relapsing and binge eating.

My binge eating was out of control –  my late evenings from 10:30pm were filled with chocolate, crisps, popcorn, cakes, biscuits, ice cream, scratchings, pork crunch, Vimto and maybe some porkpie and sausage rolls. 304 more words