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Thank you Caroline

We welcomed speaker Caroline, Owner Pharmacist, who spoke on Senior  Safety and medication interaction. We learned a lot about combinations and safety and hope that  Caroline will visit us again. 82 more words

Hot Lunch

Gardening Woes

The cold and wet spring led to a failure of my seeds to sprout. So here it is late May, and I barely have any plants started. 141 more words

Flora & Fauna

Elle Peyarre's Basil Bean stew recipe

The long precious process to make France’s beloved Soupe au Pistou requires strong patience, but sometimes I need it ready within 5-minutes. Forgive me people of France, this is my super quick nuke-it-in-the-microwave version. 108 more words

Food & Cooking

I Got Boobs for My Birthday!

“Wow! I got boobs?!” I yelled in perplexed yet fascinated amazement inside a Victoria’s Secret dressing room. I was trying to stay away from the lady inside who was trying to fit bras on me. 479 more words

Food & Cooking

Elle Peyarre's Tofu Fish

Ever since I tried tofu that tasted like fish at a restaurant in Oakland, CA. I’ve been trying to practice making tofu fish. 

Ingredients: 1 firm tofu that’s been pressed with paper towels to remove water, a very light sprinkle of Old Bay Seasoning, lemon juice, mayo, nori seaweed strips, soy sauce, liquid smoke… 154 more words

Food & Cooking

Treats, Please!

More days out mean more treats! A cup of tea at the end of an adventure is something I look forward to, and a slab of cake is the boys’ choice of treat. 65 more words

Family Life

a new home

We’ve been in Madison for a week and I can’t overstate the joy it brings me (and I think I’m speaking for both of us) to have things in their places. 332 more words