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Lanie's Flower Pot Ice Cream Surprise

I was home alone and left with nothing to do this afternoon. After finishing the book I was reading, I decided to prepare a simple but cute surprise for hubby. 302 more words

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Bring in the Dough!

I was craving for pizza and remembered I had fillo dough in the freezer, so I decided to be creative with it. As they say, there’s always a first time for everything, it was fairly easy to make and the pizza turned out surprisingly good. 178 more words


A Perfect Day for Tea and Scones

It’s early as I write this. I’ll have to leave for class and come back. And also possibly pop into the library. But then I’ll be back, and I’ll finish this up. 717 more words

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Lanie's Homemade Mini Burger (Spicy Version)

My husband was craving for spicy beef burger. Because of the fast food chain scandals exposed lately, I decided to make use of the food stuff available in my fridge and just make my own burger patties instead of buying. 196 more words

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Green Tomato Challenge 3: Tomato Sauce

Final challenge for the tomatoes: Sauce. The green tomatoes did ripen on the counter top over time. It was a tomato symphony of colours every day as I procastinated their fate of becoming sauce in jars. 81 more words

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Rolo Pancake Kebabs

My last recipe post, 5 Simple Tips for Making Sashimi at Home, was logged on April 10th, 2014. That means it’s been almost a FULL YEAR since I’ve gabbed to you about a new food concoction. 982 more words


The Spice of Life...and Kibble

Good Monday!

As you might have noticed if you’ve been to my blog before, I’ve changed its appearance. It was a matter of functionality and aesthetics, so know that you’re still in the same place. 718 more words