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Spring-Summer Quiche

Hey everyone! I had other plans for what I was going to share with you today— initially I had another lemon themed item, but it burnt a bit in my oven. 786 more words

Food & Cooking

Free Project: Strawberry Halva from Pure Vegetarian

Caramelized sugar, strawberries, roasted semolina, and butter unite in this halva. It’s especially satisfying when served directly from the stove, piping hot.

Download the PDF. 13 more words


Free Project: Cabbage Koftas from Pure Vegetarian

Cabbage koftas are easy to make even in large quantities. This recipe is mild and serves everyone from a toddler to the elderly with sensitive palates. 65 more words


The real nuts behind Southwest

Airlines and peanuts go as well together as peanuts and those with peanut allergies don’t. For the longest time, flying aboard a jetliner meant a free pack of peanuts or pretzels and for many airlines that tradition is still very much alive. 40 more words

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Trader Meal

ONCE AGAIN WE ARE TOO tired to write this week’s installment of ALB.  Procrastination is the order of the afternoon.  With a little nibble, as it turns out. 110 more words

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What happens when you eat all 62 fast food meals advertised during the NFL Playoffs

Every year, fast food and casual restaurants pour money into NFL advertisements like a pirate digs a shovel into the sand to get at the booty. 55 more words

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Marron Experience in March

We’ve enjoyed 2 marron weekends in March. Each session gets better in terms of the catch and hunting method, the preparations, and the lunch company. It has been fun catching our own lunch and cooking together with guests. 24 more words

My Life In Australia