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ie Week 22-Ngidam Pie Susu langsung dari Bali

“Food Craving” iz coming, Tiba-tiba mau makan pie susu Bali tapi maunya asli dari Bali, itupun pie susu fresh, alias toko kue yang menjaga reputasinya dengan pesan hari ini, dibuat hari ini, dan terkenal enak. 55 more words

Periodic problems? How your monthly cycle can impact on your diet, mood and training regime

So, your training is going well, you feel motivated, powerful and positive. You are eating clean, fuelling your workouts without any cravings for junk food and you are feeling pretty good about your body. 1,150 more words


The Heavy Heart

Someone told me a story about a guy who survived a plane crash – only to find himself stranded on a lifeboat, in the middle of the ocean. 309 more words

Life Lessons

Grapefruit juice and mustard

In the last week or so, I have been feeling queasiness, and had some cravings. Of course, everyone has heard about pregnant women craving crazy thigs from concrete to dirt, nutella with sausages, and so forth… For me it has been all things salty, vinegary, and sour, so nothing crazy, but it has changed some of my eating habits. 456 more words


Personality and its association with eating behaviour and food craving

For those of you in my Brisbane Meet Up Group – Authentic Weight Loss & Health for Life, please check out Lynette Mackey’s incredible research project below and sign up to support her in identifying the relationship between personality and behaviours with food cravings.  225 more words


Why Some Vegetarians Start Craving Meat

During her nine years as a vegetarian, writer Courtney Dunlop says she always had a “nagging feeling” eating plants exclusively wasn’t the absolute best thing for her own health.

177 more words

Walking in the forest. Day one hundred and twenty one.

Feeling less coldy, though still nauseated. Took a walk with husband in the early afternoon and that really helped with the nausea. Fantasized about open chicken mayo sandwich with pickled onion on rye toast, but by the time I got to making and eating it, I was just feeling nauseated again. First trimester – sigh.