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Eat to beat the Winter Blues and S.A.D

At this time of the year when the light levels drop and the rain and cold puts a dampener on going outside we tend to plummet in our natural synthesis of Vitamin D – which is a precursor of serotonin aka the happy hormone. 874 more words

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Foods I'm Craving Right Now

As you may or may not know I’m currently on an 8-week diet challenge called Whole Life Challenge which means I’m pretty much living on the Paleo diet for the next 5 and a half weeks. 363 more words


Healthy Byte: Menstrual Cycle Fueled Cravings

NOTE: It took me a very long time to figure out why once I month I became completely reckless in my eating. Ever since I noticed the pattern of euphoric binge eating in line with my cycle, I have been able to temper it because I know what it is and have found substitutes to temper the cravings. 511 more words

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Where i got a good good place for breakfasting ?MIDEAST BUFFET (meeteats) !

Ramadhan is a blessing month for all people and its a perfect time to gathered and reunited with old friends, families, beloved one and working partner to have such a pleasant breakfasting together…. 531 more words


Feeding the anger - top 10 indian food cravings when angry

Our tongue is the direct connection to our body and it our cravings that reflect what goes on inside us chemically and psychologically. I have learnt maintaining weight  is maintaining peace of mind. 321 more words

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New Approach to Management of Overeating in Children

Obesity has been called a plague of the modern Western World. Each year in the United States alone, obesity is directly or indirectly responsible for billions of dollars of preventable medical treatment, and billions more are lost due to its negative impact on workplace output [ 478 more words

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