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Eating "What You Want": Easier Said Than Done

I was at a lovely outdoor graduation party yesterday  and happened to walk in on a conversation that was going on between a sweet young man in his 20’s and my husband. 1,437 more words

The Psychological Factors That Cause Food Cravings

I’ve heard a lot of people say that: when they start eating healthier, they start craving healthier food over time…

I haven’t noticed that working for me.  20 more words

Tips And Tricks

266.7 Gaining Control

1.7 lbs away from this month’s weight goal. Though, admittedly, the # goal is not as important to me as the emotional/mental goals I am working on. 391 more words

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Rice cracker moon

you give up the salt and the snap licking and liking stop dipping
and spreading and always regretting 77 more words


A Scrumptious Ride through Delicious Looking Food Photographs

Today we bring you a collection of amazing food photographs that will make you fall in love with cooking. Imagine these delicious dishes at your dining table to treat yours and your family’s taste buds. 121 more words

Food Feast

ie Week 22-Ngidam Pie Susu langsung dari Bali

“Food Craving” iz coming, Tiba-tiba mau makan pie susu Bali tapi maunya asli dari Bali, itupun pie susu fresh, alias toko kue yang menjaga reputasinya dengan pesan hari ini, dibuat hari ini, dan terkenal enak. 55 more words


At the end of the week,… we will reach some Golden Moment for working office people like moi!! Which means, you have rights to planed out everything you want on your WEEKEND DAYS right??! 488 more words