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Alleviating Food Insecurity: The St. Louis Food Funders Collaborative

GCG Member Guest Blog Post

by Rhonda Smythe, Program Officer at Missouri Foundation for Health, and Megan Armentrout, Program Associate at Incarnate Word Foundation

Missouri is the sixth most food insecure state in the United States. 443 more words

Gateway Center For Giving

An eye-opening class...

This semester, we went through all aspects of wealth inequality.

We talked about women in poverty, low-income housing, food deserts, and so much more. I’m going to write about how this class has influenced me in the best way imaginable. 323 more words

Battling Hunger in Indiana

By Caelin Miltko and Dakota Connell-Ledwon

Jennifer Lundy, a South Bend resident, rolled her cart up to the counter at the Food Bank of Northern Indiana. 1,122 more words

Victory Gardens

Started during times of rationing for the world wars, victory gardens rose up as a way of making produce locally available in communities. Tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants, squash, onions, and just about any other herbs that can easily be grown was. 428 more words

Food deserts

Learning there is a lack of healthy food options in the inner cities in class this week was heartbreaking.

When I was growing up, my friends and I would meet at the local food mart after school to get little chips and snacks before we go home and eat dinner, never really taking in the fact that some people do not have access to a healthy well-rounded meal.   265 more words

Fresh fruit! Get your fresh fruit! (Maybe)

In class, we talked about the food deserts. For those of you who do not know, food deserts are parts of the country that are without fresh fruits, vegetables and other healthy foods available for purchase in the area. 403 more words

A Brief Introduction to Food Deserts

As a still-learning data scientist (as if there were any other kind), I’m always on the lookout for interesting data to fiddle with, in my copious free time. 437 more words