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“We've seen real improvement:" City of Milwaukee working to eliminate 'food deserts'

MILWAUKEE – Several grocery stores have opened in the area over the last year, including Fresh Thyme, Sendik’s and Meijer. While many people have several options when it comes to buying groceries, there are others that still have very few. 636 more words

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We Are Small Town BUT With a Big Mindset!

There are a lot of photos of Oberlin I could use, but this one depicts a small part of Oberlin that many never see.  It is The Oberlin Market.   329 more words

Vegan Accessibility: healthy food for all

I did a survey recently with close friends and family about why they don’t make more vegan choices. Besides the usual fear of the mythical “protein deficiency” that they would face and the social aspects of food and eating meat, each of which I’ll discuss in future posts, the next big one was cost or accessibility. 2,062 more words

Obesity - a review

One of the main contributors to the rising costs of health care is obesity. In 2014, CA published a report called “Obesity and economic environments… 762 more words


Alleviating Food Insecurity: The St. Louis Food Funders Collaborative

GCG Member Guest Blog Post

by Rhonda Smythe, Program Officer at Missouri Foundation for Health, and Megan Armentrout, Program Associate at Incarnate Word Foundation

Missouri is the sixth most food insecure state in the United States. 443 more words

Gateway Center For Giving

An eye-opening class...

This semester, we went through all aspects of wealth inequality.

We talked about women in poverty, low-income housing, food deserts, and so much more. I’m going to write about how this class has influenced me in the best way imaginable. 323 more words

Battling Hunger in Indiana

By Caelin Miltko and Dakota Connell-Ledwon

Jennifer Lundy, a South Bend resident, rolled her cart up to the counter at the Food Bank of Northern Indiana. 1,122 more words