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Food News: Using post offices as food sharing stations, the 2018 Farm Bill,ending food deserts in Minnesota

This post covers food news that pertains to food insecurity and SNAP.

First Class , a project proposal by Washington University students that won the  771 more words

Food Insecurity in the United States

Indiana’s food insecurity rates from 2013 to 2015 were higher than the national average. The USDA rated 14.8 percent of Indiana households as having low or very low food security, in comparison to 13.7 percent nationally. 136 more words

Local urban farm brings cooking classes to Oak Park

South Sacramento’s Yisrael Family Farm was formed ten years ago to bring fresh produce to the community. Now, the farmers want to encourage neighbors — from seniors to teens — to cook. 20 more words


Growing In the City to Eliminate Food Deserts

Map: Locations of professional urban farms (blue) and a network of NeighborSpace community gardens (green).

Urban farms and community gardens are on the rise in Chicago, and the trend… 172 more words

Artist's Statement-Drowning in Junk Food

By: Destiny Lloyd

This year for the IDP my group and I decided to do our research on food deserts in Oakland, California. Through this project we are seeking to answer the question, “What are the health, economic, and social factors of food deserts in Oakland, CA.” 192 more words

Bay Area

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1.Bass, Angela, and Puck Lo. “Oakland.” Oakland North. N.p., n.d. Web. 11 Jan. 2017.

In the article, Oakland’s Food Divide, the author Angela Bass explains the food desert crisis in East and West Oakland. 2,008 more words

Bay Area

Indoor Farms and Food Deserts in Denver

“Food deserts” are urban regions where there are large populations but little or no access to fresh food. The Elyria-Swansea and Globeville neighborhoods in Denver are perfect examples: 10,000 people with no full-service grocery store, in areas with some of the lowest incomes in the city. 319 more words