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The Importance of Urban Farming

Food production is an important part of our existence as humans, but the traditional definition of farming conjures up images of rolling wheat fields and large fields of fruit trees. 320 more words

Urban Farming

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Tevin Jenkins

Travis Mullen

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The phrase “food desert” began being used around the 1980s when researchers and physicians alike realized that the behavior that these types of environments produced. 2,090 more words

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The term “food desert” was coined in the 1980’s when researchers found out that there was a serious issue taking place in communities across the United States. 53 more words

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What is Food Justice?

The food justice movement is here to defend systematically impoverished communities where food deserts make inexpensive and healthy food inaccessible.

Food justice has two-main forms: upper-middle class consumerism and reforming huge agro-industry, and initiatives linked to systematically impoverished/oppressed communities such as community gardens and farm-to-school programs. 328 more words

Food Justice Movement

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McEntee, Jesse, and Julian Agyeman. “Towards the development of a GIS method for identifying rural food deserts: Geographic access in Vermont, USA.” Applied Geography 30.1 (2010): 165-176. 448 more words

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Haiku Duet, Dodos Birds Of New York

“Corner shops that once – made big city neighborhoods – feel like small towns; pfft!”

“Corner shops made mom – and pop a living but not – at ten percent rent”

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In my graph shown above, the first thing I notice is that it is completely and utterly cluttered. The labels on each axis are hardly legible because of the locations and values on the graph. 112 more words

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