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Chicago Fighting Food Deserts

By Eris Spicer, Laura Skindaraite, and Matt Byrdak on December 5, 2017

After an array of turkey, stuffing and gravy this Thanksgiving, many people ponder their gratitude for the food we are able to provide ourselves with every day. 1,145 more words

Food Deserts

The people of the United States have a sense of consumerism and a sense of entitlement and greed, so much so that they no longer take what is necessary to live and leave it at that but they want more and more and can never get enough. 1,883 more words


Malnourished and Overfed

133 billion pounds of food go to waste annually. The average American consumes 1 ton of food every year. That food waste could theoretically feed 66.5 million Americans for an entire year. 515 more words

Feeding America

Pass the 650, Please*

I am a mageirocophile. To those unaware, mageirocophilia is the love of cooking. With cooking, I get a little carried away. I devote my Mondays to food prep. 875 more words

This Is Awesome

African Heritage Food Coop - Anything less than 100% ownership is unacceptable

What really makes a community work?

“I start thinking we (struggling communities) need something to affect the community that’s not a non profit, right?”  Essentially, an entity that is not beholden to governmental regulation.   1,589 more words


Lindsay Hendrix fights myths to tackle hunger

With a homicide rate higher than that of Chicago, New Orleans ranks among the most violent cities in the United States. It’s a city with  1,313 more words

September 2017

Food Insecurity & the Revolutionary Democracy of Urban Food Sovereignty Struggles in the Early 21st Century

by Anthony Bayani Rodriguez, PhD

The rising cost of fresh and nutritious foods over the past five decades has not been accompanied by proportional improvements in the income of poor and working-class families, or the socioeconomic conditions of the nation’s most structurally vulnerable regions, counties, cities, suburbs, and neighborhoods. 2,484 more words