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Salvation Army Opens Baltimore Grocery Store To Address Food Deserts

The Salvation Army and the city of Baltimore have joined forces in efforts to make healthier food options accessible and affordable for individuals living in underserved communities, the… 369 more words


B-I-N-G-O: How a game is combating hunger in Greensboro

By: Sage Wallace-Williams, N.C. A&T University

Typically, when Bingo is mentioned it is associated with being a school-aged classroom activity, or sang within the classic folk song about a farmer’s dog. 686 more words


Media coverage of food desert analysis

by Diana R. H. Winters

Last week, in an article titled “Food deserts may not matter that much,” The Economist reported on a study by three scholars finding that when trying to account for the disparity in eating patterns between rich and poor people, the answer may not be in the availability of healthy food. 483 more words

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Nearly 23.5 million people live in food deserts in America- almost half being low-income. Here’s one of the biggest problems: fast food. Most food deserts have 2.5x more fast food restaurants than a regular neighborhood. 741 more words

Food Deserts


When I was researching the food industry’s response to food deserts I was shocked at the lack of information I found. Rather than large industries like Kroger, Nestlé, etc. 658 more words

Food Deserts


In mid-February, President Trump has decided to push forward a new proposal that has created a lot of controversy. In an effort to end food deserts, the Trump administration has pushed forward an idea to send food directly to the doors of those in the SNAP program (food stamps) and lower the amount of money on their SNAP cards. 350 more words

Food Deserts

New Zealand loves the taste of Uncle Sam

Tl;Dr The first Krispy Kreme in New Zealand opened Wednesday February 28. With doors opening at 8:00 a.m., the number of customers looking to make a purchase was anticipated to be in the triple-digit territory. 216 more words

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