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Are Farmer's Markets Helping Food Deserts?

The created map below is derived by data from The City of Chicago Data Portal.

This map compares the availability of farmer’s markets in 2013 and 2015 in comparison to the availability of ‘buffer A’ or larger grocery stores in the Chicago-land area. 258 more words


Understanding Urban Agriculture – Part 1, The Present State in Historical Context

I’ve just written a new article for Permaculture Research Institute -  Understanding Urban Agriculture – Part 1, The Present State in Historical Context , which  discusses the history of localized agriculture and the journey to our present state. 38 more words

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Things I'm Verbing: Science deserts, ghosts versus bad houses and the evils of SEO

Wow, I sure just read that Jezebel piece about an SEO marketing team exploiting the personal essay industrial complex by creating a fake female identity who was successful enough to be invited to appear on television.  263 more words

Things I'm Verbing

What Do You Mean You Killed 2.5 Million BEES?!

by Kristen Lansdown

By now I’m sure we’ve all seen the critically acclaimed movie The Happening (then again maybe ya’ll haven’t because it’s an M. Night Shyamalan film and ya’ll be hating on my mans). 402 more words

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Living in a 'food desert': Tips to help maintain a healthy lifestyle

Having convenient access to fresh, healthy food options can easily be taken for granted. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, 2.3 million Americans live in low-income areas that are more than 10 miles from a grocery store or supermarket. 554 more words


Let's all be Gleaning Machines

No there isn’t a typo in the title, gleaning is a real technique that helps minimize food waste and hunger. What is it? It’s a  practice, used for hundreds of years, that seeks to reduce the amount of food that is wasted because it is not visually appealing. 255 more words


Blackness, Food, and State-Sanctioned Violence

Ashanté M. Reese, PhD

I began research on food access in Washington, D.C., knowing that I wanted to learn about a) what people were eating b) where they were shopping, and c) how (if at all) they engaged urban agriculture movements. 627 more words