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Day 269

Breakfast – porridge with almond milk and cranberries
Snack – macadamia nuts, prunes

Lunch after Grandpa’s stone setting – bridge rolls, pickles, Clementine, 2 small pastries… 23 more words

Food Diaries

Food Diaries: Proove Pizza

A new fired pizza has arrived to West Didsbury at Prove restaurant which serves up a cheese free ”Neptuna” pizza if you are trying to stay off dairy. 66 more words

Day 268 - Shabbos recap

Breakfast – grape juice, pitta, cottage cheese. 2 yogurts (mine and a child’s rejected one, note to self – don’t buy taam tub strawberry Pesach yogurts). 190 more words

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Day 267 - Blah

Breakfast – porridge with almond milk and prunes

Morning blah, took one look at the fence. Tried to cut up some chocolate rice krispies that I was going to send to a friend’s sholom zochor but they wouldn’t cut neatly and so now I had a spare pan. 42 more words

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Day 266 - Just Keep Going

Still no fence. Grrr. Allegedly next Monday. Any burglars out there want to break in to my house? At LH’s insistence and suggestion the workmen at least took a tarpaulin we happened to have and cover the back so there’s a bit nor privacy until they install the new proper fence. 77 more words

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Day 265 -No good excuses

No good excuses. I’ll try and work out why I went doolally, but there’s no particularly good reason. I just did. And then once I had started… 362 more words

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Kat's Food Ventures : Cebu's Best - Rico's Lechon

Last February, when my uncle came over from the States, he drove the whole family to be with him on his food adventure trip. But of course, who doesn’t like experiencing different local cuisines? 819 more words