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I did it again!

I did it again! 5k in 45min55secs, I didn’t let walk be below 5(km/h?), running mostly 9, occasionally 9.3. then did cool down and stretching. 213 more words

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Lost focus

Breakfast – Porridge with peanut butter and prunes

Snack – banana, vanilla yogurt

Lunch – leftovers – veggie chili, tabouleh, corn,

Snack – peanuts. A cream cracker… 102 more words

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Now, I never really understood the effect of social media until I found myself at Crave Kitchen &Bakery.

I was on social media and someone on my Instagram feed posted about Crave Kitchen and how lovely it was. 438 more words


Mango Talk: Day#2

“Keep Calm and Eat Aam”. Mango a.k.a Aam, a fruit so juicy and scrumptious that I can’t keep my hands away from it, it’s like we share such a strong bond that whenever there is mango, there is definitely me. 268 more words

5 Days Of Mango Talk!

No hairbend turns

Today I had an interesting conversation with my lovely neighbour. This neighbour is so lovely and tells me frequently that you can see I’ve lost weight. 306 more words

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I completed my first 5k

I’ve been itching to post this achievement since this morning. Today on the treadmill I travelled 5k for the first time! I had made the decision before I went that I would just keep going until I got to 5k and that’s what I did. 194 more words

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Mango Talk! Day#1

When life gives you lemons, throw them back and say, “I said I wanted a Mango!” I mean, of course who wants lemon when it’s the season of the king of fruits, MANGO! 471 more words

5 Days Of Mango Talk!