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Food Diary No. 4: Is food the most common frenemy?

The more I think about it, food is definitely my frenemy. I LOVE eating, its what gets me out of bed and what keeps me going through a long day. 279 more words

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Food Diary No. 3: Why do I want to eat when I'm not hungry?

I always eat pretty big and decently healthy breakfasts. But a habit I’ve caught is to wander in to the pantry directly afterwards and stuff my face with whatever looks good to me. 281 more words

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Food Diary No. 2: Why must artificial flavoring taste so darn good??

My heart dropped as I scanned the ingredients list of the Costco banana loaf I was devouring. Although the baked good has banana listed at the top of the ingredients list, it was still laced with artificial flavoring :(. 426 more words

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Food Diary No.1: Busy Mountains and sleepy car rides

Today me and my family went to deep cove and did the quarry rock hike. It was a very busy hike and for good reason.  The hike was ALOT harder than I remembered it being. 330 more words

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Day 3 (8/8/18)

Today was spent packing, and freaking out at the idea we are actually moving back home and the amount that needs to get done to achieve that goal. 73 more words

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Real Food Day 2 (7/8/18)

Spent the day getting the house nearly ready for moving back! It is getting really close to finishing. We had takeaway from Tasti pizza for lunch and despite the opportunity to have pizza, I chose a healthier option. 100 more words

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Homemade Pizza

august 7, 2018 | intellectual eats

This pizza is an easy meal I can make in less time than it takes to get a pizza delivered. 74 more words