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The Circle of My Life

A Circle, morever a Circle of My life thats how I describe my ever-loved full meal amd there is no deficit of the finest places across tje city that serve some of the extraordinary bread-Cheese delicacy and Pizza Papa John’s was one such place with some of the elite creations on their menu with quality toppings and ingredients make it to the list of the best pizzerias in town. 160 more words

Day 304 - Lots of walking

Breakfast – 4 weetabix with almond milk

Lunch – rice cakes with cheese

Snack – prunes, banana

Supper – Chinese takeaway, veg spring rolls, chicken noodles, corn and chicken soup… 167 more words

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Day 303 - Learning to Surf?

The whole doing a food diary thing seemed like a good idea after the stark reality of the scale this morning.

The reality of the day didn’t really turn out such a great food diary to share. 389 more words

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The Biere Club, Whitefield

153 Biere Street is a picturesque address tucked away in Whitefield. The place has a microbrewery, couple of cafes, boutiques etc and has a certain old world charm to it. 308 more words

Food Diaries

Smally's Resto Cafe, Church Street

Looking for some yummy comfort food? Well, this is your place!

We landed here one hot sunny afternoon, hungry, tired and looking for cafes with parking places. 418 more words

Food Diaries

Review : Anand Restaurant , Anjuna - Goa

Goa never lets you down in food..”Anand Restaurant” This place in Anjuna is one of the best places to have Sea food.. Its been a tradition to visit goa every year which is there in the friends from generations now :) We have always been figuring out new places and eveytime the new one amazes me even more in terms of food and the taste. 130 more words

Food Diaries

Day 294- 298 - Pesach part 1

294 Erev Pesach,

295-296 first two days Yom tov,

297 first day chol hamoed

298 Erev Shabbos chol hamoed

Where to start? Too many days to catch up on… 242 more words

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