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With every passing day food is turning into the epic love of my life, its like it is chasing me everywhere i go and deserts….am just smitten by you, everywhere i go, i need you to be beside me, sounds totally obese..weird me. 298 more words


Food Diary 17th April 2015

Breakfast: Baked beans, 1 slice of wholemeal toast (HEB), 2 x fried eggs (2syns)

Lunch: Spaghetti bolognese, 30g cheddar (HEA)

Tea: Chinese Takeaway – Special Chow mein, chips & curry sauce (Syns ???) 25 more words


Thukpa - Tibetan Noodle Soup

Food is such an important part of your travels – that’s why wherever I travel I always try their local cuisine to explore different flavors and learn about the cultural influence on their cuisine. 541 more words


Here is a funny thing- PMS...................Not

It started with eating, hogging and then some more till all carbsy sugary snacks were finished from my pantry. Right at that moment, when I was feeling sick with the super sweet taste in my mouth, I wondered what is happening?  289 more words

Nothing Anything

Golden House

Golden House is a dimsum restaurant and like most other dimsum places in Georgia, serves it daily. I always recognize dimsum as a weekend lunch meal. 333 more words

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