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DUMBO (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dumbo,_Brooklyn)  according to wiki is an acronym that stands for ‘Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass’ But I like to call it, ‘ 76 more words

Food & Drink

Fake duck and fish heads

When we were last in Shanghai, one of the locals we talked to said that when the Shanghainese go abroad the thing they miss the most is the food. 734 more words

Food & Drink

Oshare café series: Lindt café

Vous avez bien lu le titre, aujourd’hui on va parler chocolat et pas n’importe quel chocolat, du chocolat Lindt, une de mes marques de chocolat préférée. 803 more words


Wild Berry Coconut Bark

For someone who would rather eat a block of cheese than a block of chocolate it can be a little tricky finding a healthy snack to satisfy that sweet craving. 328 more words


This Pizza Box Is Made Out of Pizza 

The owner of Vinnie’s Pizzeria, Sean Berthiaume, must have been channeling Xzbit earlier this week when he thought to himself, “Yo Dawg, I heard you liked pizza, so I put your pizza in a box made from pizza.” But lo and behold here is the world’s first ever entirely  30 more words

New York City


Finally, we lunched

With previous directors

With songs, chicken, cake



Saturday Night Beers

If you’re in the UK right now, your local Sainsbury’s will be happy to sell you 660ml of delicious Cobra for a minuscule £1.75. Great shopping. 14 more words