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Breakfast With Miniature Donuts

Tuesday, Tuesday… Do you know what makes a Tuesday feel like a Friday? A VERY nice breakfast. Aaaaaaaah yes!

Wanna know what completes an already perfect breakfast? 164 more words


New Objective

I thought I needed to set a new objective all over again as far as the 16/8 diet is concerned. Although I gained only a pound from the recent US trip, the weight fluctuated the last two weeks and hoovering mostly on the up side. 167 more words


The Best Desserts in Hong Kong: Egg Waffles, Coconut Jelly, and Hello Kitty Secret Garden

Hong Kong is one of the most bustling island countries of the world attracting a lot of international business, tourism, and backpackers like me.  For that purpose, it’s bound to have have some amazing desserts, and in large quantities too! 301 more words


More Tea Gadgets

On top of my delightful discoveries and purchases, there are tea gadgets too added to my collection now. M1 knows I prefer tea over coffee for health reasons, so it was very sweet of her to get me a couple of tea brewing gadgets. 109 more words

Food & Drinks

Digging up Dino Bones at the Jurassic World Cafe (Tokyo)

Last year I went on an exciting excavation digging through biomes (made of frosting) and unearthing dinosaur bones (made of cake) from an ancient land, otherwise known as the… 121 more words


Tentacle Bento at Awajiya

There’s nothing quite like a jar of tentacles and rice to start your day!  This ひっぱりだこ飯  (Hipparidako Rice) is available for 1,080 yen at bento stands found in Japan Railway stations called… 48 more words


Go Green - Easy Ways to Use Biodegradable Disposable Bowls

The popularity of biodegradable disposable bowls is in rising because more and more people, including companies, have become more aware of the side effects of the constant usage of plastic products. 434 more words