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Natural-dyed eggs

What: Eggs and cotton wool dyed with things from our kitchen or garden

How: We boiled three different dye-things in their own saucepans of water, with a little vinegar to help the dye set, added a few eggs to each pan and let them soak overnight (12-18 hours all up).  273 more words


Carrot prints and painting

What: Printing and painting with food dye, using carrots cut into shapes as stampers and “brushes”.

How: Cut the carrots on a couple of different angles and at different sizes – you should be able to get small circles, big circles, ovals, irregular/pointy ovals, and even a rectangle or two of various proportions. 339 more words


Greek Red Easter Eggs

Happy Easter to all our gardeners and followers!

The Greek people have a wonderful Easter game called  tsougrisma (τσουγκρισμα) which means ‘clinking together’ or ‘clashing’ and uses Red Eggs, or eggs that are hard boiled and then coloured using red food dye. 391 more words


How to get started with natural medicine

With drastic decisions come drastic measures. Making the switch over to an all natural and healthier lifestyle can be overwhelming. Where do you start?

Here are 5 steps to make that easier for you. 652 more words

Health And Nutrition

Why I'm Passing on Green Beer This Year

This may seem like a silly post to anyone who knows me because I’m not even a person who drinks beer. You could probably even catch me at a brewery trying to order a martini. 322 more words

Decorating eggs for Easter - it's 'eggciting'

One of my happiest childhood memories is decorating eggs for Easter. It was such a lovely way to get the children together to get creative and display our colourful creations around the house. 553 more words


What colour do you like your celery? A classic experiment for kids

Before we do things with silverbeet leaves (see my last post) I want to do a popular experiment to learn about how water moves through plants. 455 more words

Science For Kids