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Paua Inspired Cardi

I have lots of cardigans but I’ve been wanting a light weight loosely fitting one. Most of my existing ones fit on the firm side. So I took some white pure wool rib knit fabric that I had bought very cheaply, and cut an embiggened and flared version of my Tshirt pattern. 272 more words

Chocolate Birthday Bark

I love glitter and sparkle, and since my birthday is this weekend, I thought I’d make a treat that has a little of both.

The recipe is so versatile, so you could use whatever colors and add-ins you like. 190 more words

Dye Free Candy List

The brightly colored holidays are upon us!! And by that I mean, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas – all the special days that involve loads of red, green, and orange treats and sugary sweets everywhere we go. 233 more words

Ally sock

Remember that yarn I was enthusing about, oh  12 days ago ? Well half of it is now a sock. As I thought, it’s lovely to knit. 166 more words

Labour intensive but satisfying

Yesterday I combined the luxury of time with a recent quality stash gift to set up a new project. A few weeks ago I was the delighted recipient of a big bag of sock wool leftovers. 233 more words

I love dyeing

Dyeing is so much fun. I thought using food dye was a lost cause, because all the colors would be bright. I was totally wrong. I found a color chart for McCormick dyes at… 377 more words


Fun with black dye

I’ve had some black food dye for ages but hadn’t tried using it yet. Today I had a sudden enthusiasm to do so. The black dye is made up of three different colours, and I’d heard the black dyes have a tendency to split, so I was unlikely to get an even effect. 298 more words