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A New Thing A Day: Day 52 - Using Americolor Food Colouring (Double Rainbow Cake Attempt 2)

So having been super irritated at the epic failure that was my first attempt at making a double rainbow cake, I wasted no time in attempting it again but this time using something new – Americolor food colourings.  215 more words

Writing to the Powers That Be

It’s important to stand up for what’s right. Thus, today (unprompted) Joel wrote a letter to the government asking them to take some of the dyes out of food – specifically the necessities: Jolly Ranchers and Skittles. 12 more words

5 Peculiar Ways to Turn Your Beer Green

Dropping in green food coloring (with a dash of propylene glycol and parabens) won’t do your beer—or your health—any favors. But if you insist on drinking green beer this St. 16 more words

How To Mix 46 Luscious Frosting Colors (Recipes)

Thank you, Food Network for posting this! Have fun!!  Printable 46-color guide is HERE.


A review on Nuts.com, French Burnt Peanuts

Welcome to part two of my review of Nuts.com; to read my first review of Butternut Peanuts and gain some insight on my feelings towards their site, … 518 more words


The Art of Healthy Food

 I bought one bag of uncooked black beans and one of garbanzo beans just the other week. Because of my laziness I decided it would be a smart idea to soak both together, thinking there would be no repercussion. 336 more words