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The Danger of (Artificial) Dyes

On most days my son, Liam, is a bright, curious, kind nine-year-old.

On days when he’s eaten food made with artificial food dyes, he’s an irritable, angry, inconsolable nightmare. 535 more words

Blue 1

Gelato donuts

I liked the tie dye makeover of the orange top so much I went and did another. The resulting impression is so different. Less badass, more spun sugar. 79 more words

Badass Tiedye makeover

I made this vivid orange top last year out of lovely soft merino fabric. I found though that it was so bright I almost never wore it. 42 more words

Shaving Cream Decorated Easter Eggs

Each year it is fun to experiment with different ways to decorate your Easter Eggs.  There are so many fun options out there.  This year we used shaving cream.   286 more words


Nothing to Eat

“There’s nothing to eat!”

I’ve heard this lament multiple times, along with sneers and grumpy comments about “organic snacks” and the lack of soda in the house. 295 more words

There's a reason they call them dyes!

Because most of them are horrible for you!! They should call them DIES!! Here’s what prompted this blog post. I got a bunch of crap for having mini chocolates in my fridge at work!! 445 more words


What's the deal with carmine?

As consumers, it is majorly important that we know what exactly we are putting on our face and body, as well as in our body. I’m sure you know there are many harsh chemicals going into everyday products, but some people may not know they are also putting bugs all over their face. 298 more words