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Of Fish and Feathered Fishers

It’s been a busy month, and we had three feathered visitors around our house who had never before shown themselves.

First, this pretty fellow, a brown-hooded kingfisher which, size wise (23 – 24 cm), is somewhere between a pigeon and a dove: 373 more words

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The Elephant in the Room

The week we’ve been prepping for is finally here: the Republican National Convention has officially kicked off in Cleveland.

A lot of people decided to leave their downtown apartments for the week and even work from home to avoid protests and traffic. 168 more words


Too much of a good thing - almost!

A year ago, I wrote of other milestones and a year later, this month or the week before last, to be precise, was one of celebration – of a different and more personal… 361 more words

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Humming with hummus

May was an interesting and busy month.  Not just in my day job, but also doing something that was a first for me.  During March, one Saturday morning, minding my stall, as is my wont, Treasurer of a local committee passed by and made small talk with The Husband – probably about… 557 more words

Fabulous Fabric Of Life

Monday Mommy Hack - Freezing herbs

Now is the time most of you have started your home gardening thanks to the warm weather we currently have. The freshest fruits and vegetables are always home grown, and if you’ve added herbs to your garden with your green thumb, it’s a great idea to preserve them. 260 more words


Big bird liver

I have mentioned, often, how much I enjoy autumn.  It is the season of special light, colour, sunrises and sunsets.

After a sunrise rather like this… 645 more words

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls (No-Bake, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free)

One of those recipes where you can literally use anything in substitution. Regular flour or gluten-free flour. Maple syrup or honey. Tonight I felt a sweet tooth coming on and decided to check my cupboards. 244 more words

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