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5 Amazing facts of Banana

It may come as surprise to learn that bananas are actually a type of berry. When you look at the definition of a berry this only adds to the confusion! 602 more words

Food Facts

Just thought you should know: The Truth about Coconut Oil

Just when society was beginning to accept that saturated fat was okay to consume, it’s under attack, once again. As you may, or may not know, the… 627 more words


Food, Inside and Out - - Is the Spice Right, # 3 being ‘Bay Leaves’

Food – Inside and Out will be bits and pieces of information about food, recipes, ingredients and maybe even some food history!!

Here we work on a series we call ‘Is the Spice Right’, where we will discuss a spice you may or may not have in your kitchen, but can have an effect those cherished recipes you so love making for the tribe around you. 263 more words

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Just thought you should know: How Organic is your Organic Milk?

If you drink organic milk, thinking it is healthier than regular versions, you’ll want to watch this video and read the Dr. Mercola article below. (follow the link below). 113 more words


Just thought you should know! Stop eating these oils immediately- Dr. Axe

Occasionally, I come across something that I just can’t wait to share with all of you. So, I came up with this new series: Just Thought You Should Know. 280 more words


Whole Foods Wednesday - Rhubarb

Did you know rhubarb is up on the short list with Salmon and Spinach, of foods with the most calcium? I didn’t either – pays to learn about food! 53 more words


How to eat healthy: 40 Foods No One Should Eat...Ever

This is a long post, so I won’t preface it with a lot of superfluous words. As you can see by the source list at the bottom of the page, I’ve searched several lists of foods to avoid, and come up with this list of 40 foods, which includes the “dirty dozen” and a list of 7 oils to avoid. 1,487 more words