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ఆహా అనిపించే రుచులు..

హైదరాబాద్‌లోని అమీర్‌పేటలో ఉన్న ఆదిత్య పార్క్ హోటల్లో ఫుడ్ ఫెస్టివల్ ఆహా అనిపించేలా సాగింది. నోరూరించే వంటకాలను చెఫ్‌లు సిద్ధం చేసి ప్రదర్శించారు…continue

Vasundhara Kutumbam

Dine Out Vancouver Festival '17

Cooking is underway in restaurants throughout Vancouver. Fresh pasta is being made, meat is being braised, soups are simmering, and veggies are being meticulously chopped. But, today is not just any regular day of service for 284 restaurants in our lovely city, today marks the first day of Dine Out Vancouver Festival 2017. 797 more words


What's happening in Yorkshire 2017: Part 1

It’s a new year, and as normal, Yorkshire is host to loads of amazing events throughout the year, from live music to food festivals, sporting events to beer weekends, there’s something for everyone to look forward to in 2017! 606 more words


Lohri Food Festival at the Taj Wellington Mews

Venue: Weli Deli, Taj Wellington Mews, 33, Nathalal Parikh Marg, Cusrow Baug Colony, Apollo Bandar, Colaba, Mumbai
Dates: 10th January onwards
Price: INR 1200 plus taxes… 591 more words


Mouth watering street food in Japan

When out and about  in Japan one thing that I need to consider is eating out. As a kidney transplant patient, who is also diabetic, I  have to make sure I don’t  overdose  on carbs too much and avoid certain foods. 98 more words

The Andhra Yatra - an epicurean journey

It’s been 5 years that I shifted to Pune from Hyderabad and yet all the varied cuisines and fine dines haven’t been able to impress me as much as the food I have had during my days in Hyderabad. 1,009 more words

Food Blogs

St. Pete Beer & Bacon Fest - 1/21

Craft beer and bacon fans can rejoice on January 21st from 12PM-6PM at the St. Pete Beer & Bacon Fest in Vinoy Park.

General Admission is available to guests ages 11 and older for $15 pre-sale and $20 on the day of the event and does not cover beer or food costs. 321 more words

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