Slideshow of Publix Miami Division's Check Presentation!

Publix Miami Division distributed $1,480,940 from its Food For All® 2015 fundraiser to South Florida non-profits on April 6 – a record-breaking year!

Program News

Minute Steak Dog Fry

We were low on “dog food” tonight and a 45 minute drive one way was not a pleasant thought. I knew I did not have the time to defrost a whole chicken so that meant either something with hamburger or round steak. 271 more words


Dog-Gone Chili

Last night I made chili. It was sooo cold and I knew my hubby would need something to warm him up after working a long day. 269 more words

The Other Stuff

Communal gardens ground food insecurity

Planning when, where and what your next meal will be is a taxing task for many people. But for some, making a decision about food is not a luxury, it’s a matter of survival. 812 more words

Sarah Aquilina

Food For All Nonprofit Farm Fall Update

By July the snowpeas were growing out of the roof of the greenhouse through the screen on top:

Some picked snowpeas:

I let a bunch of the snow peas dry on the vine so that I could collect them and then sow them again. 492 more words


Understanding Refugee Crisis in Europe : Article By Nandini Goel

Understanding Refugee Crisis in Europe: Article by Nandini Goel

With so many refugees leaving their homeland and coming to Europe in a hope to resettle away escaping war torn country and to find safety & new opportunities for living in new land, a huge refugee crisis have struck Europe. 826 more words