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Touring Bahrain? Get Your STREETSMART Guide

You are invited to the Streetsmart Bahrain Book launch party.

Yeah!  The party I have been waiting for.

My friend, author Melissa van Maasdyk, promised she would have her Bahrain travel guide ready before the Formula One in April.  760 more words

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What Looks After You

Knowledge is better than wealth.  You have to look after wealth;

knowledge looks after you.

– Ali

From Indries Shah, The Way of the Sufi

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My Beautiful Bahrain

Some people are doers and some people talk a lot.

Robin Barratt is a doer – and a creator, an organizer, an inspiration and an all around good guy.  261 more words

Island Tales - Expatriate Living

What Good is It?

The last word in ignorance is the man who says of an animal or plant: “What good is it?”

– Aldo Leopold

1887 – 1948 born in Burlington, Iowa…

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Lessons from the Najd - How to Live in a Sandstorm

As we are the middle of a sandstorm, I changed my theory.  I think walls around Middle Eastern houses help to keep the desert from taking over the front yard. 334 more words

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Finding Ourselves in Our Soul Mirror

The Forty Rules of Love was chosen by my Bahraini book club.  The Bahraini women are the majority but the group includes a Mexican, a Belgium, a couple of Americans and a French woman.  619 more words

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Lavender Oil for Healing the Soul and the Planet

Walter Lubeck in his book The Pendulum Healing Handbook wrote about using a crystal pendulum to clear energy blocks from our etheric body.

After the session, Lubeck recommended using natural (!) lavender oil to rub in the main chakras, the hands and the soles of the feet.    219 more words

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