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We do need help.

And help behinds at home. So let’s help ourselves by clearing all those dumb things people say out of ignorance, with out truth.

As I see it silence may be golden. 1,332 more words

Food For Thought

Take a Deep Breath - Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

Wow!  That is easier said than done.  Right now my summer is coming to an end and I’m getting ready to welcome approximately 100 7th graders into my classroom on Tuesday. 237 more words

Life In General


It was bain ha-zmanim (lit. “between semesters’; the short, three-week summer vacation of yeshiva students in Israel) and, being a yeshiva employee he was also privileged to this time off. 480 more words

Food For Thought

What Inspired Me to Write #Carrick

It was literally a dream. Without sounding prophetical or in need of being admitted to an asylum, that is exactly how the idea for Carrick… 239 more words


Beyond all this.

I do love who I am. Beyond what my Mama think. Beyond what Adoption thinks. And beyond what the world thinks.

As I stand on top of it all. 291 more words

Food For Thought