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Our Faithful God

Somedays don’t we just feel like a broken record down here on this planet? We keep asking for the things we feel God has put on our hearts and we keep asking and asking, and asking. 475 more words


"Talking Shop"

My daily commute to and from work allows me to listen to podcasts on the reg. While listening to Gretchen Rubin’s “Happier” podcast the other day, she mentioned a notion she called “talking shop.” This was referenced while discussing jobs and tips for understanding if you are on the right career path. 357 more words

Run Leelanau

“Notes to Self” for NOT Taking Things Personally

Like you, and the rest of the human race, I’m only human, and I still take things way too personally sometimes when I’m in the heat of the moment.  92 more words

Food For Thought

Let's Explore and Think

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted in another category, but I’ve been thinking about life. I’ve briefly touched on them before, but I really wanted to delve into life expectancy and what is important in life. 1,478 more words


Let’s think of a time when perhaps someone or something inspired you to have the traits, skills or personality to becoming who you are. Many things in this day in age can inspire those to become better or are settled with who they are and just want an interesting read. 205 more words

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Who is Ilyana and the Green Man? LWAP

Last Week on the Astral Plane…

I dreamt I was in a room alone. I began floating as if the room was filled with water. I waded on my back all the way up to the ceiling, then pushed off and made a triangle down to the floor. 1,091 more words

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