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Challenge: 7 days, 7 photos. Day 1.

7 days, 7 black and white photos of your life. No people. No explanations.

I have been challenged by The long view. Thankyou so much :)

Food For Thought


Get up with purpose today. Decide your goals for today and succeed in accomplishing each one of them. Make your decisions today that are firmly based in prayer. 286 more words

Daily IN-spiration

Diwali : the brightest festival in India

I’m so excited!! These 5 days mark the series of biggest festivities in India. Diwali is celebrated for the triumph of good over evil and knowledge over tolerance. 508 more words

Food For Thought

What Your Smoothie Bowl Toppings Say About Your Personality

By Ashley Britton

There’s no denying that all smoothie bowls are satisfying for our aesthetic and foodie needs. Be honest: How many times have we all endlessly scrolled through Instagram finding our mouths watering at the sight of these beautiful, creamy bowls? 508 more words


“will i ever feel the same
peace in my heart again?”

– zaynah

After you clear the dross

What’s left? After you clear the dross off the top? Dross is the impurities that are in raw metal, like silver. When heat is put to silver and makes it turn back into liquid, dross which is embedded within is released, and floats to the top. 2,344 more words

Food For Thought

Kind Atheists vs. Mean Christians

Christians intentionally use the word “sanctuary”. In our congregation, we regularly sing a hymn which asks the Lord to prepare us, the body of Christ, to be a “sanctuary”.  729 more words

Food For Thought