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Screw Beauty Standards

I’ve always emphasized the role of films and celebrities in shaping norms in the society and it is unfortunate that so many celebrities don’t realize the power and influence that they possess over all of us. 1,008 more words


Before I Was Phoenix Crimson

Back in middle school, I began writing a book. It compared me to my alter ego, a version of my childhood imaginary friend, Alexa. I would write about something that happened to me at school and how I reacted to it and then follow it up with what Alexa would have done. 89 more words


Prone to Wander – Homesick and Hungry

The following is a prayer I wrote a few days ago. I share it with you in case you ever feel inclined to wander from the God you love. 525 more words

Food For Thought

Wow! What have we allowed them to become? Look at it. Police are servant to us and they kick us when we protest?

America, why are we allowing this to continue? Look at the truth before us now. We can change this. We are the government, we pay the bills? 104 more words

Food For Thought

Today's Quote of the Day

“You did not wake up this morning to be mediocre”

You were destined to be great. You were destined to stick out and be different from the norm. 38 more words

Im pissed off, damn right I am? Wouldn't you be if you Mom acted like that?

This letter, email is stream of consciousness, from my inner parts that I have hidden from view for years. For fear of rejections and abandonment. But to deny these feelings and the power they hold is to deny myself, to reject myself, and abandon me. 4,469 more words

Food For Thought

Mid Day Office

Gracious God,
I seem wrong inside,
off kilter and slightly askew,
Because I fear seeing my mess,
I step back from what I feel,
I turn my eyes from what I see, 80 more words

Food For Thought