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Volcanoes, a travel inspiration

I fell in love with volcanoes and lava in a geology class. It wasn’t anything specific I loved about them, I just did. I suppose a for a curious mind, the idea that rock could boil and flow was mind bending. 148 more words

Food For Thought


I have decided I do not age, I simply depreciate.

Food For Thought

How Your Sleeping Position Can Impact Your Health

We all know that getting a good night’s sleep is a vital component of health — but did you know the position you sleep in can also be important? 500 more words


The Gluten free Bitch is back

I took a bit of a hiatus writing this blog.  After over two years of sharing my gluten-free expertise, I got to the point where I felt I had nothing more to contribute. 259 more words

Gluten Free

Give The Gift of Thanks

You guys remember a couple of weeks ago, I told you guys that I launched a stationery business? Well, the road has been pretty interesting to say the least. 203 more words

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