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Planning the Un-Plannable !

There is a huge Differemce between just standing in a Whiteboard and wroting down all the Important Points” for the day than actually going put there, implementing and facing the consequences of each and every single one of them. 168 more words

Abhinav Mahajan

Harvesting the Fruits of Your Labor

As I was growing up through my childhood and teenage years, this time of year would be my favorite. Although summer was coming to an end, school was just starting up, and winter was on the way, this was, and always will be, my favorite time of the year. 677 more words

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Whopperito: I did it for you.

There is a young man living in the greater Grandview area that I am a bit of a fan of. However, had it not been for him and his social media baiting, I would not have known about the Whopperito. 556 more words

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Spreading myself to thin vs doing too little.

My physical health has taken a bit of a downward turn recently. Although there have been several contributory factors, the result has been that I have been ignoring my bodily pleas for rest. 1,149 more words

Food For Thought

No sugar: two and a half weeks in

I wasn’t planning on doing a mid-week post, but I’ve just watched the Great British Bake Off and I wanted to say that quitting sugar¬†is hard and I’m really struggling. 526 more words

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The Next Best Thing to Heaven - Pt. 2 of The Path to Divine Influence

It’s been a long time since I held a baby in my arms. So you can see from the picture¬†how thrilled I was when recently I had the opportunity to snuggle with a precious, little baby girl. 791 more words

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