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Our Land is Beautiful...

We all have a place where we go to from time to time, to escape from this world. In that place we can be ourselves without feeling any judgment from anyone.

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Thoughts not voiced

I did it only to protect you. But why is it so hard to leave.
I need you more than I want you.

Grateful to be blessed with the ability to love and so I loved you… 88 more words

The Literature

Just a Simple Prayer (03/26/17)

May the Lord give you grace to try again.
– TaVon Morrison

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I am grateful for: "the brambles..."

It’s been a long time since the gang was all here.  They wanna clamor at once and Lido frowns at Steven’s penne being stirred with tuna and mayonnaise. 793 more words

Music Warlord

Exactly Why You Aren't Happy

For the last 20 years or so, advertisements for big name companies have gone on aggressive ad campaigns.

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Love, After: Carrots on Toast

John has been away in the hospital now for almost four months; a quarter of a year. The winter has faded away into clear bright spring, and it is impossible to deny how long he’s been gone. 1,728 more words

Okay Day

Hickmans Dewey on technology vol 1

Reading Larry Hickmans Putting Pragmatism (especially Devey’s) to Work. In the first chapter “Naturalizing Technology” Hickman establishes a two-by-two, that goes like this:

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