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In Praise Of Ben And Jerrys

Ben and Jerry’s ice cream is amazing. It’s in the rare spot of such thorough ubiquity that we take it for granted; it’s the sort of perfect that melts into our assumptions. 544 more words

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It's Not About the Parade, It's About Getting to the Temple (Mark 11:1-11)

We’ve all watched a movie where we know something terrible is about to happen.  Whether you’ve seen the film or not, you know if the character opens that door or goes around a corner, they’re going to be in serious trouble.  1,649 more words

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Food For Thought: Happy National Ravioli Day!!!!

Ok…. So, National Ravioli Day was actually Tuesday (March 20th) and I’m a horrible human being for posting this late. BUT, HOMEMADE RAVIOLI EVERYONE!!! You have to forgive me because life got in the way (o.k… work.) but, I had time today and decided to have my own belated Ravioli Day! 576 more words

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Like ok

I’m up here or where ever I am blogging. On my bed. Writing again. But ok. I’m telling the tail right? Riveting tail from scratch no edits. 594 more words

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This is how I feel about Mama Jean.

I do come from good stock. I just mean, it takes some of great character who is a character to love a woman who’s done the things I’ve told you about here. 638 more words

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How to Survive on Marshall Street

By Ariel Wodarcyk

In the past decade, Marshall Street has completely transformed. Student favorites like Chuck’s, 44’s and Cosmo’s Pizza, which was on Marshall for over 50 years, are out. 669 more words