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Folic Acid during Pregnancy: What is Too Much?

Folate (also known as vitamin B9 or folic acid) is an essential vitamin important for the health of everyone, not just pregnant women. It is necessary to synthesize, repair and even methylate DNA. 1,025 more words

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Struggling to gain weight?

I’m writing this post as I have noticed a fair few individuals on IBS support groups that have experienced significant weight loss and this can be very detrimental leading to malnutrition and secondary consequences of malnutrition, such as muscle wasting, impaired immune system and increased morbidity and mortality. 545 more words


Proposed Risk Analysis Approach to set Maximum Levels for Vitamins & Minerals in Supplemented Foods - for Consultation

Health Canada’s Food Directorate scientists have published in the “Risk Analysis Communications” Section of the International Food Risk Analysis Journal (IFRAJ), their proposed risk analysis-based approach to set maximum levels for the addition of vitamins and minerals to food products that would become eligible for Temporary Marketing Authorization, as supplemented foods. 32 more words


*UPDATE* Folic acid: Government decision on fortification of flour

This article is Dr Geoff’s responses to the news on Tuesday (2/4/2014) on flour fortification with folic acid. Dr Geoff has previously commented on this in older posts… 1,055 more words


The health benefits related to vitamin D-intake appears to be an ever-expanding topic of research. Over the past years, protective effects of vitamin D have been found in relation to issues ranging from diabetes to bone diseases and depression (see for instance… 405 more words

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The sugar that ails, the sugar that heals

Last week the Federal Drug Administration unveiled plans to revamp the nutritional label. Among the proposed changes, the label will now include “added sugars… 405 more words

Santa Claus’s health habits revealed

A fun look  at Father Christmas’ diet

Ageriatrician has taken a look at Santa Clause’s health habits. Dr. Thomas Cavalieri, dean of the Rowan University School of… 284 more words