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The bootleg booze factory and the counterfeit kingpin who fled Australia

ABC News Riley Stuart, Greg Miskelly 19 June 2018

A leading bootlegger fled Australia as authorities closed in on his “dangerous” fake alcohol scam, according to documents obtained by the ABC.  32 more words

Food Science

Major U.S. Restaurant Supplier of Sustainable Seafood Accused of Mislabeling Fish

Brenna Houck wrote . . . . . . . .

One of the U.S.’s biggest and most trusted sustainable seafood suppliers Sea to Table has been accused of falsely advertising and mislabeling its fish. 658 more words


Why You Need A Food Defense Plan

Why You Need A Food Defense Plan

FMSA rule 21 CFR Part 121 (IA Rule): Mitigation Strategies to Protect Food Against Intentional Adulteration requires facilities to create and enact a food defense plan that protects from acts of intentional adulteration intended to cause harm to consumers. 439 more words

Eurofins Scientific Inc.

Single-Class Classification

by Tony Lemos

A common problem facing food chemist is determining if a type of food a producer is selling is what they claim it is. 590 more words

Innofood Asia Conference – THAIFEX – Bangkok (30-31 May 2018)

Also this year I am on my way to Thailand to participate as a speaker at the Innofood Conference, within THAIFEX 2018, in Bangkok.

Innofood Asia Conference explores how collaborations in technology, food and design are sparking a major revolution in the way we view and interact with food. 164 more words


Horsemeat Adulterated Sausages - Where Deception and Detection Intersect

Written by:  Heather Clemenceau

A few months ago the CFIA funded a study of sausages that determined that 20 per cent of samples from grocery stores across Canada contained meats that weren’t on the label. 674 more words