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Coconut Water made of chemicals and additives - FOOD FRAUD!

CARIBBEAN/TRINIDAD.  Food Fraud.  The Chemistry, Food and Drugs Division of the Ministry of Health today revealed that action has been taken to take a “coconut water” product off the market after it was discovered that the drink, produced by a  local beverage company, contained only chemicals and additives but no coconut water at all. 200 more words


Over 10 Tons of Fake Jellyfish Escape into Chinese Market

Police in eastern China’s Huzhou cracked a case involving fake jellyfish, according to a news report in Hangzhou on May 7.

In late April, police officers at the Huzhou Public Security Bureau received a tip that a man surnamed Yuan and the other two people had been making and selling fake jellyfish at a farmer’s market in Huzhou for almost a year. 179 more words


Why You Might Not be Eating What You Think You're Eating

As consumers, we are used to being on the lookout for counterfeit products: watches, clothing, jewelry, and so on.

But if you think it’s limited to hard goods, take a good hard look in your pantry. 576 more words


SBS FOOD | When honey isn't honey

Could the sweet stuff you’re slathering on your toast be a phoney? Read my full piece for SBS Food, exploring recent fines handed down in Australia over corn syrup being sold as ‘honey’. 6 more words


How secure is the UK's £200b food & drink industry?

Following the horsemeat scandal in 2013, food crime hasn’t been making front page headlines. However, that doesn’t mean the problem has gone away. Food and drink crime often occurs ‘under the radar’ and can be difficult to detect. 311 more words


Colorful: the Hellenic salad

Yesterday’s lunch, what might be called Hellenic salad, was a riff on a Greek salad, and a welcome reminder of a past holiday sailing among the Ionian islands: Every evening, we used to step ashore after mooring our boat and go for dinner in a local restaurant – a dinner that unfailingly consisted of Greek salad followed by grilled fish. 578 more words

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