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What's the Buzz About Food Fraud? (Part 1)

If you were introduced to someone who said, “Hi, I’m a Fraud Investigator” you’re first thought would probably not be “Hmmm …. I wonder what type of food they investigate. 1,499 more words

Human Interest

Toxic nature: what are we putting in our mouths?

Healthy eating can keep us healthy but what is the health of the foods we eat? Unfortunately, we know very little about the quality of what we ingest. 553 more words


Why the Fish You Order Isn't Always What You Get

Seafood fraud, where cheaper species are labeled as more expensive ones, is common practice. A report last year found that one fifth of seafood sold is mislabeled… 239 more words

A How dem test dutty food innah Jamaica

A How dem tes dutty food innah Jamaica?
yuh think if yuh coulda ask Karl Samuha how di dutty food tes guh?

Yuh tink him coulda dweet ? 67 more words

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8 popular American foods that aren't what you think they are

Food fraud is a $50 billion annual industry — and you’re probably eating some of the evidence.

From Kobe beef to Parmesan cheese, restaurants and grocery stores are packed with foods that aren’t quite what they seem. 228 more words

Fish Fraud: Half of Dishes Served at Los Angeles Sushi Restaurants are not What You Think They Are

Next time you order halibut, red snapper or yellowfin tuna at a sushi restaurant in the Los Angeles area, you may want to ask for proof of what’s on your plate. 569 more words