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Have you ever been a victim of food fraud?  Are you paying too much for a ‘premium’ product that may not be what it seems?  Are you sure that your supplier’s suppliers are doing the right thing?   9 more words

Food Fraud

Why should I care about food fraud?

We care about food fraud

… because Aussie farmers who work hard to grow top quality specialty products suffer huge losses each time someone fraudulently passes off an inauthentic product as their own.   43 more words

Food Fraud

Organic almonds twice the price?

My friend loves to buy healthy, natural and organic food for her family.  They eat a couple of kilos of almonds per week.  Last week she decided to check out the organic almonds available for bulk purchase at a local natural food co-op (yes this is in an inner suburb of Sydney, how’d you guess?).   156 more words

Food Fraud

Something's Fishy with your Sushi

OK – I’ll admit – I am not a big fan of Seafood unless it has a shell around it.  When I was on a Low Fat diet years ago, I would order a Salad with a 3 oz can of Tuna in water dumped on top,  I also ate a lot of Tuna Fish salad mixed with low-fat french dressing instead of Mayo – usually Albacore – but – never really liked it. 622 more words

Summer 2015 52 Day Challenge

EdCast presents: An exciting course by The Food Fraud Initiative

Food fraud is a concept that addresses deception of a party who expects authenticity of specific foods that they acquire. We are talking about people who pursue profit by misleading consumers in terms of the composition or ingredients of a certain product, which in turn may represent an issue to the health of these buyers. 421 more words


Why this Food Fraud course will make you question everything

If you’re that kind of person who likes to think and reflect, and is attracted to issues involving the food industry, or if perhaps you’re just the type that dreams about eating pizza and burgers as a lifestyle, then do we have a golden ticket for you. 316 more words


Vani Hari The Food Babe - Intellectual Fraud

Recently, when Rudy Two Moon asked Vani Hari, aka The Food Babe, questions that led to calling her out to take a stand, Vani Hari retaliated by heavily borrowing from an article Rudy wrote.  100 more words