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"food from scratch"

When I wrote my undergraduate thesis exploring various motivations for meal preparation among college students, I had to consider the definition of “cooking from scratch.”  In order to be considered, “from scratch” what steps need to be involved?   658 more words

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Dango recipe

Today was the day of dango. We had all the ingredients to make it in our cupboards from a previous dango experiment although I might have thrown away the piece of paper with the various recipes we tried and blind tasted… 567 more words

Food From Scratch

Matcha cookies

I am always on the lookout for a good cookie recipe and although it doesn’t compare to my favorite super chocolate brownie cookies, it has always been tasty. 295 more words

Food From Scratch

Tortilla making

Today I ventured to Borough market with Man to get lunch, Man ended up (well he planned on) buying a tortilla press and when we got back to the flat for a tea break (with some matcha biscuits I had made earlier in the week), the idea of tortilla for dinner superseded Nando’s. 115 more words

Food From Scratch

Make It Monday ~ Pumpkin Muffins

Last Friday, I decided to make some pumpkin muffins. Rich’s family planted a whole field of pumpkins this year and some were rather small. I took a couple of them and made puree from scratch. 215 more words


Make it Monday - Latte

Everyone seems to be buzzing this year on social media about milks in Lattes at certain coffee houses. In an effort to demonstrate the ingredients used and give you a choice an how to make your own at home, I did some research and some taste testing. 284 more words

Food From Scratch

Mood: Devious-Lots O Veggie Shepherd's Pie

After a busy weekend and gearing up for husband working 12 hour day shifts for the next few days, I knew I couldn’t sit my lazy butt down on the couch and chill tonight…I needed to reach deep in to my tool kit and have a make ahead meal that could be ready in no time on Monday after work!   1,369 more words