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chia chia chia

I’m not trying to be a party pooper by trying to make desserts healthy….don’t get me wrong, I love ice cream, waffles, apple pie, creme brulee…any dessert! 292 more words


zucchini pasta...really?

I’m a hugeeeee fan of pasta! In the past, I would make pasta at least once a week, whether it’d be a bolognese, EVOO pasta, linguine with roasted pumpkin, bacon, feta and pine nuts, or a fagioli – I love them all. 520 more words


so corny....

I’ve been accused of being corny many times. I love corny jokes and coincidentally I love corn too (wow..that was slightly corny…).

Okay, jokes aside – I had to share this recipe. 295 more words


overnight oats rocks my boat

I am obsessed with breakfast…I’m one of those people who wake up hungry. When I was a kid, I would look forward to sleeping only because I knew that when I woke up, I would eat breakfast. 452 more words


All hail the mighty Kale

Kale is all the rage, it has been for a quite a while and still is – but how on earth do you cook it/prep it? 399 more words