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Austerity Bites Exhibition Opening!

Austerity Bites: Food Stories from Lewisham

Exhibition organised by the Goldsmiths Department of Anthropology.

The exhibition presents the result of our ethnographic project Austerity Bites conducted by the Department of Anthropology at Goldsmiths. 190 more words

Black Licorice

For the food tracking project I choose to trace the origin of Wiley Wallaby Black Licorice. I love everything to do with licorice so this choice was a no brainier for me. 181 more words

Food Histories

Austerity & Regeneration

The London Borough of Lewisham is one of the most culturally diverse but also one of the most deprived areas of London. As such it has been particularly affected by the politics of austerity. 143 more words

Where Food Histories Start : NYC

Food has been influential all of my life, through family recipes, memories and flavors. Living in New York City makes great food easily accessible so I have had many types of food with all kinds of people and these all can create memories that will last longer than one might think. 226 more words

Food Histories

Food Tracking

The product that I chose to research about were sausages, and because of this I learned a lot about where it came from and what’s it’s actually made out of. 256 more words

Food Histories

The origins of Nutella, blog post 2

When I was tracking down the origins, ingredients, and production of Nutella, I expected to find its origins in an existing large corporation like Nestle or something, but it came as a surprise to me to learn its very humble origins from a baker in Italy. 258 more words

Food Histories

Mystery mush

At first I thought I’d enjoy the detective lifestyle of tracking where Gravy came from and its many ingredients. When I first began my research I knew hardly anything about the substance but I knew my family actively engage in its consumption. 222 more words

Food Histories