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When Almost Cold

After the mixture of cream, Naples biscuit, egg yolks, egg whiles, sugar and marrow chopped is thick for the receipt (recipe), To make a Marrow pudding… 40 more words

Culinary History

Medieval bling

In her introduction to La Serenissima, Venice: Recipes Lost and Found, Katie Caldesi writes, ‘The more I write about food, the more I find myself writing about history. 582 more words


How to ruin any food: Apple sauce revisited

Tonight we’re revisiting apple sauce. It’s been over a year since I ruined it and I do have a few new ideas. I have several old ideas, I had actually forgotten that I had ruined apple sauce before. 736 more words


Moist Sugar and Marrow Chopped

The first line in the receipt (recipe) for To make a Marrow pudding is:  Take a quart of cream or milk, and a quarter pound of Naples biscuit, put them on the fire in a stew-pan, and boil them up; then take the yolks of eight eggs, the whites of four beat up very fine, a little moist sugar, some marrow chopped; mix all well together, and put them on the fire, keep it stirring till it is thick. 7 more words

Culinary History

Sliced Marrow

The marrow cut in slices will be added to the receipt (recipe), To make a Marrow pudding, for part of the ornamentation just prior to baking. 7 more words

Culinary History

Culinary Trendologist

My future title. I’ve been looking everywhere for a career that truly suits what interests me and my obsession with food culture and history. I’ve finally found it, and it doesn’t exist in London. 350 more words


The History of Food

Pho Fusion

by James Corwell, CMC.

The earliest memories I have of Vietnam were televised in black and white through a hardwood Zenith console.  It was at the end of the Nixon era with massed troops and helicopters exiting the country. 981 more words

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