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The Chennin

The chennin (leeks) were prepared for the receipt (recipe) for Pastai Pysgod a Chennin (Fish and Leek Pye)  by first cutting them in pieces about two inches long. 8 more words

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Chennin and Pysgod

On my table are the leeks (chennin) and fish (pysgod) for the receipt (receipt), Pastai Pysgod a Chennin (fish and leek pye).  19 more words

Culinary History

A Short History of Sauerkraut

Contemporary Chinese sour cabbage

Although sauerkraut – German for “sour cabbage” – is thought of as a German invention, Chinese laborers building the Great Wall of China over 2,000 years ago ate it as standard fare. 204 more words

Traditional Recipes

This Week in Food History - 05/22/2017

The fourth week of May, you’ll be happy to know, is National American Beer Week. The word “beer” comes from the Latin verb “bibere,” meaning “to drink.” The art of beer brewing in America dates back several centuries. 715 more words

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Blood, Wine, and War: The History of Sangria

Sangria—The word that once meant ‘blood’ is now one of the most popular drinks in the world. This refreshing concoction, usually made of fruit soaked in red wine, is a refreshing summer drink enjoyed around the word. 280 more words

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Antique Store Cookbook Find

This weekend we visited the Cold Harbor Antiques Mall in Mechanicsville. This huge antique mall could have kept me busy for the entire day, but we had the kids with us and they sped through, loving the “old” stuff they found. 222 more words

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Cream Teas

I mentioned cream teas a couple of days ago, and was asked to provide more details. It seems that the concept of the cream tea hasn’t travelled to America, which is surprising as it contains a lot of fat and sugar, which are what I consider to be two of the main ingredients in American food. 388 more words