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Bee Nilson's Chocolate Sauce No. 4

Bee’s 1973 book ‘Making Ice-Cream & Cold Sweets’ (Pelham Books, London) is an exhaustive compendium of everything you could wish for in cold desserts. Bee was always interested in how new technology could help ‘the busy housewife to cook well in a limited time’, and in this case it’s all about the blender, fridge and freezer. 212 more words

Food History

How Did They Make Ice Cream in the 17th Century?

History’s first confirmed ice cream graced the court of Charles II in 1671. It was made using a special flavor, orange blossom, and one very special chemical ingredient that made ice cream without refrigeration possible in the first place. 447 more words


Paper and Chuse Size

In preparation of baking the receipt (recipe) for Millifruit Biscuits, the directions are to paper your plate with three papers, and make them what size you chuse… 31 more words

Culinary History


Mirepoix, a trio of aromatic vegetables, became popular in 19thcentury French cooking and is named, in the fashion of so many French culinary terms, after a Duke who was a regarded as a pretty incompetent Field Marshall and Ambassador, and who owed much to Louis XV affections towards his wife. 176 more words


Put Into Iceing

Once the iceing has been prepared for the receipt (recipe) Millefruit Biscuits, the cut pieces of preserved orange peel, angelico, preserved lemon peel and almonds are… 11 more words

Culinary History

Adventures with Almonds, Part I: The Marvelously Fragrant Hall's Hardy Almond

This is the first part of a two-part series. I’ll publish the second, on making marzipan, shortly.

In the meantime, you might check out two articles I recently published with… 1,621 more words

Food History

A Brief History of Cheese

The other night I was leafing through my Science of Cheese (Tunick) book in preparation for some cheesemaking. I was planning to make two different cheeses, but buy raw milk for only one of them (it costs 4 times as much as ordinary pasteurized milk where I live!). 1,773 more words