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How to ruin any food: Gravy

Tonight we’ll be ruining gravy, that wonderful substance that can transform a meal from humble to wonderful. Everyone loves gravy, even cats love gravy!  Now we’re going to ruin it. 712 more words


Grandma's Coffee Cake

I just visited my wonderful Grandma on the farm in Leamington, Ontario. Her famous coffee cake is one of the first deserts I ever remember her making. 515 more words


Three Spiders?

  These are three of my “spiders”, round bottom iron pans with three legs instead of eight that may have been named after the eight-legged arachnid.  Being from New England, I have known these very useful hearth tools that sit nicely over a bed of glowing embers, as “spiders” all my life.  17 more words

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Sophie Coe Prize 2015 - one week to go!

The 2015 Sophie Coe Prize closes in one week’s time. All entries, submitted in the forms stated in the Guidelines on our  How to Enter… 38 more words


Sops of French Bread

  After the fryed onions, butter, pepper and salt have well stewed together for the receipt (recipe), Onion Pottage, Robert May directs to serve it on… 11 more words

Culinary History

Pipkin of Liquor

  Pictured first is a pipkin full of onions being stewed slowly for a Sauce for a pheasant.  Even though Robert May’s receipt (recipe) for… 69 more words

Culinary History

Slic't Onions

   For Robert May’s receipt (recicpe), Onion Pottage, the first step is to fry good store of slic’t onions.  The onions are being fried in butter in my reproduction tin-lined Dutch skillet on a trivet. 7 more words

Culinary History