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Beat and Cast

  After the mixture of whey, butter, thin slices of bread, cinnamon and mace has been boiled and cooled for the receipt (recipe), How to make a Pudding with Whey… 20 more words

Culinary History

Banana Pudding Ice Cream

Banana pudding is considered a souther staple, but apparently it was created in New York and adopted by the south! Bananas started becoming a star at fruit stands only after the Civil War, when goods were capable of being transported from the Caribbean and Central America much faster. 408 more words


Into a Quart of Whey

  For the receipt (recipe), How to make a Pudding with Whey, the first step is to put into a quart of Whey, one pound of Butter, one penny roll cut very thin in slices, a stick or two of Cinamon, some large Mace, and let it boyl all together half a quarter of an hour. 7 more words

Culinary History

[Mutual Heritage] Family heirloom recipes from Dutch-Indies era to today's Indonesia : Domino koekjes!

Several days ago, my mother showed me a box filled with baking recipes from her mother. My grandmother was born in the 1920s so in terms of baking, she had her fair share of baking in the Dutch Indies era. 413 more words

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Whey Ingredients

  The ingredients are readied for preparing the receipt (recipe) How to make a Pudding with Whey.  The ingredients include whey, a penny roll, cinnamon, mace, eggs, almonds, dates, marrow and rose-flower water. 7 more words

Culinary History

To candy Borage-Flowers

  Take the Flowers (borage) with the stalks and wash them over with a little Rose-water, wherein Gum arabecke is dissolved, then take fine searced Sugar, and dust over them and set them a drying on the bottome of a… 31 more words

Culinary History