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Drop Them In

After the pint of Curds is stirred well together with the eggs, sugar, flour, nutmeg and a little flour, the receipt (recipe) for To make Curd-Cakes… 20 more words

Culinary History

Homemade Almond Milk

No, I haven’t suddenly realised the errors of my ways after advocating the consumption of offal in my previous post and gone vegan or dairy-free. My motto is, and always will be, all foods are fine (unless you have a valid health reason obviously!) in moderation. 1,125 more words


First Crumb

Welcome to Courses & Crumbs! My name is Jacqueline Grady Smith and I started this blog in May 2016 as a way to track and record what I’m learning about food and its history, culture and politics. 365 more words


A Pint of Curds

For the receipt (recipe), To make Curd-Cakes, take a pint of Curds, four Eggs, take out two of the whites, put in some Sugar, a little Nutmeg, and a little flour. 7 more words

Culinary History

How to ruin any food: Oatmeal cookies

I guess it’s been quite awhile since I ruined a food, tonight I hope to make up for that.

I’m  going to ruin oatmeal cookies tonight, if you enjoy oatmeal cookies, I’m sorry. 812 more words


Soft Drink and Soda Saturday - Afri-Cola

Afri-Cola is a cola soft drink produced in Germany. The trademark Afri-Cola was registered in 1931 by the company F. Blumhoffer Nachfolger GmbH. The same company also produced Bluna, an orange soft drink. 384 more words

Food History

The Curds

To make the Curds for the receipt (recipe), To make Curd-Cakes, a piece of a cleaned and dried rennet stomach was infused into blood warm water and the infusion added to the raw milk.  41 more words

Culinary History