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Building an Unjust Foodscape: Shifting Governance Regimes, Urban Place Making and the Making of Chinese Food as Ordinary in Hong Kong

This is the text from my recently published peer-reviewed paper in the journal Local Environment.  The paper will be part of a special issue on Food Justice edited by Agatha Herman and Mike Goodwin in the future. 10,957 more words


Imani S. Presents at #PhillyGrandRounds "A Witness to Hunger: A Look at the Unhealthy Impact of Poverty on an American Family"

Witnesses to Hunger were invited to present at Philadelphia Public Health Grand Rounds Poverty & Public Health: Addressing the Causes and Consequences forum. Imani S. presented her talk “A Witness to Hunger: A Look at the Unhealthy Impact of Poverty on an American Family”.

Watch an excerpt below


Nancy Pelosi Speaks of Member Tianna G.'s Family Story

Member of Witnesses to Hunger, Tianna G., recently spoke in Washington, D.C. alongside Rep. Barbara Lee and other vocal supporters of programs like SNAP that help families survive and thrive. 218 more words


Myra Y. of #WitnessesToHunger Advocates for SNAP Benefits on CBS

The members of Witnesses to Hunger are adamantly opposed to proposed cuts to critical, life-saving support programs such as SNAP and housing subsidies. Myra Y. spoke with CBS news about how SNAP cuts will affect her family and why we need to advocate for more support for families like hers. 72 more words


Your girl got promoted!

Last I wrote here was in March – I don’t even need to look back and check because I know for a fact I haven’t written here in a while. 233 more words


Food and Kidney Disease

When the opening of a new Whole Foods Market in the Central West End in St. Louis was announced last year, most people who worked at Barnes-Jewish Hospital were excited to have a healthy option for lunch and grocery shopping within walking distance. 1,031 more words


Weaver Street to Round Up for Kid's Backpack Program

Weaver Street Market in Orange County kicked off its Summer Round Up program this week to benefit the kid’s backpack program of TABLE, Inc. WSM shoppers will have the option of rounding up to the next dollar on their total purchases, with the combined funds raised benefiting the TABLE program. 31 more words

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