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Is It Possible To Be A Foodie and A Fitnessaddict At The Same Time?

Yes! Although I don’t refer to myself as a Fitnessaddict, others have referred to me as that, plus similar things (such as crazy, obsessed, addicted). I love the feeling of being strong and the happiness the endorphins gives me after a workout. 691 more words


chickpea tacos of looooove - April 20 (and earlier!)

Oh, chickpea tacos! Surprising, delicious, quick, easy, did-I-mention-delicious-because-it-can’t-be-said-enough chickpea tacos of love and tastiness and bliss and all things good. We have these a lot. 609 more words

Food Is Tasty

cauliflower steaks - April 19

Dear Internets,

Once upon a time I started a food blog and updated it fairly regularly. And then I went back to school full-time. And then all those winter holidays happened. 421 more words

Food Is Tasty

Hanukkah 2009

Y’all, school ate MY WHOLE LIFE. I was barely cooking, and I clearly wasn’t blogging. I thought things would go back to normal after midterms, but as you can tell by my disappearance in the middle of Soup Week, they DID NOT. 391 more words

Food Is Tasty

ribollita - soup week #3

My kid is awesome. I took him three different recipes – one for “cheesy” cauliflower soup, one for potato soup, and one for Vegan Planet… 355 more words

Food Is Tasty

tortilla soup - soup week #2

Tortilla soup is a big favorite around here. It’s probably the soup my son asks for the most, spanning pretty much his entire lifetime. I had a basic chicken (euuurgh) tortilla soup recipe for many years, before I gave up eating animals. 323 more words

Food Is Tasty

birthday cake and pie

I’m interrupting Soup Week for a one-off post about chocolate. I know, it’s tough to read about chocolate, but bear with me, and there will be more soup tonight. 205 more words

Food Is Tasty