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MY OPINION: Letter To Senators Requesting Opposition To The GMO Labeling Bill

I’m writing to tell you that I strongly oppose the Roberts-Stabenow compromise language on the GMO labeling bill.

I ask that YOU also oppose it.  This legislation would overrule Vermont’s consumer-friendly GMO labeling law, and prevent states from passing similar laws, and would create a confusing, misleading and unenforceable national standard for labeling GMOs. 323 more words


Ontario fast-food labels could cause women to gain weight, public health advocate says

Fast-food chains across Ontario will soon display the number of calories for each menu item, but a public health advocate says the labelling could actually lead women to make unhealthy decisions. 407 more words

Fast-food Chains

President Obama Signed This GMO Labeling Bill

Soon all food packages sold in the U.S. will have to have the proper labeling.

On Friday President Obama signed bill S. 764 that puts into place a federal standard for foods that have been made with genetically modified organisms, … 333 more words


Locavore Lingo

What All the Food Labels Really Mean

Locally grown foods are more likely to have been bred for flavor and nutrition than durability and a long shelf life, says Emily Akins, outreach director for the Kansas City Food Circle, a cooperative that links residents with farmers that grow and raise organic and free-range food. 183 more words


Breaking the Sugar Chain: Week 28

Week Ending July 20, 2016: The Truth Behind Sugar Labeling

Sugar labels on food products are important because of the potential to impact our health positively or negatively. 1,213 more words


Shopping Tip: Scary-sounding Ingredients

I read food labels regularly because I have to watch out for forms of carbs, sodium, and other things that are bad for me. I’m sure millions of people are doing the same and the same people have been encountering scary-sounding ingredients that makes one reach out for things labeled “organic.” 594 more words