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I have been reading articles on the Internet saying that Windows 10 is drawing a lot of attention these days and some people are said to be complaining because it appears they feel Microsoft is trying to cram Windows 10 down their throats in a manner of speaking. 633 more words

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Nutrition Label Changes

As the writer of a health and wellness blog (that’s weird to say), I would be remiss if I didn’t so much as mention the nationwide food label makeover announced yesterday. 331 more words

Emily Stern

New Nutrition Label. Problem Solved?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is in control of food labeling in the United States. In the next two to three years the FDA is making several dynamic changes to nutrition labels that many of us occasionally (or rarely) read. 250 more words

Healthy Living

Makeover coming for food nutrition labels

WASHINGTON (AP) — Nutrition facts labels on food packages are getting a long-awaited makeover, with calories listed in bigger, bolder type and a new line for added sugars. 646 more words


More fuel to the GMO debate

A new report that some might have hoped would dampen the debate on genetically modified foods (GMOs)  gave each side something to be happy about and so likely doesn’t change the contentious nature of GMOs, according to media reports this week. 228 more words


Why Freshness is Key in Your Pet's Nutrition

Pet Wants is more than just the name of our company. It’s also a guiding principle of the food blends we offer. Specifically, we make sure that our food is developed in a way that best serves what pet’s bodies want and need to be as healthy as possible. 414 more words

Why We Don't Put Corn in Our Pet Food

At Pet Wants, we’re 100% committed to making the absolute best food for dogs and cats of all ages. One of the steps we’ve taken to accomplish this goal is to not put corn in our pet food. 406 more words