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Part II: Elements of a Food Label

In the previous article we discussed important details to consider on a food label, aside from just making something that’s pretty. The following tips will include additional details that should be considered. 107 more words

Food Labels

Gluten-Free Diet, part 1

First off, I want to acknowledge this topic as being controversial. I understand that your opinion might differ and I respect that. I felt compelled to write about this as a continuation of my series about food labels. 350 more words

Part I: Elements of a Food Label

Food Labels communicate critical information about your product. Any custom printed food labels that are designed well can certainly increase the sale of your product, but an eye-catching custom label is not enough. 88 more words

Food Labels

Labels for Luxury Brands?

When your organization is dealing in luxury products, you want to ensure that every element of the product is perfect. Your product’s packaging is the first point of contact with the customer. 108 more words

Food Labels

Healthy foods may lead to overeating, study says

If you’ve vowed to eat only healthy foods from now on, watch how much you eat because a new study suggests even healthy foods may lead to overeating and contribute to weight gain. 384 more words

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Designing Labels for Jams, Jellies and Sauces

Have a jam, jelly or sauce company and wondering where to begin with labelling your product? Labelling these kinds of bottles isn’t an easy task. You need to be creative and have personalized labels for the jars if you want to stand out on the store shelves. 156 more words

Food Labels

Understanding food labels. Free range and cage-free chicken – part 1

These days everyone seems to be on a quest to buy healthy food so once they see a label stating “free range” or “cage-free” chicken, there goes.   365 more words