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The Healthy Diet Dilemma

There will be NO lengthy discussion or video here that requires a lot of your time before you can find out what those “5 foods you must not eat” are. 818 more words


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How to overcome fear when facing real danger. In today’s World, security can’t be emphasized enough. 298 more words

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Enticing Food Labels, part 1.

I have taken a small break from blogging due to some unforeseen events that I had to take care of first.  Now I am back and decided to write about a subject that I’ve been thinking about for what seems to be the longest time.  762 more words

Whole Grain Doesn’t Always Mean High Fiber

I think everyone should be able to read and understand food labels, but I don’t always like the way manufacturers use this information to mislead us.  131 more words

Diet And Nutrition

What does that ‘sell by’ date really mean, anyway?

By Catherine Smart

It’s hard to know how to interpret food date labels. If it smells fine but it’s past the best-by mark, should you pitch it? 535 more words

Family Safety

If you think your reduced calorie cheese is going to help you lose weight, or an “all natural” label means it’s the healthy option, think again.  1,288 more words