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Finding low-salt tortillas to create low-salt tacos

Taco shells, especially the crispy kind, can be loaded with fat and salt. Old El Paso shells, as an example, have 7 grams of fat per three shells and 135 mgs of sodium. 180 more words


Learn nutritional literacy at Manchester 3/23

MANCHESTER –  March is National Nutrition Month, and the Manchester library branch, 21 Colonial Dr., will host a workshop “Breaking Down Nutrition Labels,” 2 p.m. Monday March 23 to help people eat healthy meals. 114 more words

I Was Shocked - Always Read Your Labels.

Before I had a child with food allergies and sensitivities, I would never read labels on things I would buy.  I thought if it was being sold in a store, it was safe to use or eat.   1,262 more words


Reading Ingredient Labels as part of a Cancer Fighting Diet

Are you unsure of what all of the ingredients mean on your food labels? Well, you are not alone! They can be very confusing but this information should help. 1,024 more words


What matters most to you?

Understandably, I have to spend a good deal of my time looking at nutritional labels – that’s part of my job after all! But what matters most to you? 42 more words


sugar blues (i)

Not that I am turning into a nutrition junkie or anything but I am reading a fascinating book by Dr Robert Lustig called Fat Chance. He is a paediatric endocrinologist which means he has spent many years trying to understand the reasons for infant and childhood obesity, and while he is supportive of the theory ‘eat less, exercise more’ he is on a mission to tell the world there is much more to learn from the biochemistry of fuelling up with food. 349 more words