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Locavore Lingo

What All the Food Labels Really Mean

Locally grown foods are more likely to have been bred for flavor and nutrition than durability and a long shelf life, says Emily Akins, outreach director for the Kansas City Food Circle, a cooperative that links residents with farmers that grow and raise organic and free-range food. 183 more words


Breaking the Sugar Chain: Week 28

Week Ending July 20, 2016: The Truth Behind Sugar Labeling

Sugar labels on food products are important because of the potential to impact our health positively or negatively. 1,212 more words


Shopping Tip: Scary-sounding Ingredients

I read food labels regularly because I have to watch out for forms of carbs, sodium, and other things that are bad for me. I’m sure millions of people are doing the same and the same people have been encountering scary-sounding ingredients that makes one reach out for things labeled “organic.” 594 more words


All Food is "Natural"

While walking through the grocery store, you may notice labels such as “Natural”, “Organic”, and “Free Range”. Many consumers are willing to pay extra for products with these claims. 759 more words

Food And Drink

being fed farm to food fraud?

Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam spoke in depth about the Fresh from Florida label and mislabeling controversies recently in the news.  Farm to table restaurants and farmers markets came under scrutiny about the actual physical origination of foods labeled as “local”. 185 more words

Food Labels: What Do They Tell Us?

Do we bother to check labels on foods we eat? Those labels can help us make informed choices about what goes into our bodies. In May 2016, the U. 389 more words


Know your chicken -- here's a great guide

As red meat has become demonized because of high fat content in recent years, people are turning more and more to chicken, and specifically lower-fat white meat chicken. 251 more words

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