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What do These Meat Terms Mean?

Do you get confused when you go to the grocery store and look in the meat case? What does fresh, natural, no hormones or antibiotics, organic, or certified really mean? 715 more words

Healthy People

Food coloring and what we eat -- a real eye-opener

The food industry has been moving away from artificial colors, the Associated Press reported recently. The reason — consumers don’t want anything artificial in their foods these days. 93 more words


Grass-fed, Free range, Wild Caught Labeling

As discussed in my previous post, the food labeling industry has all sorts of labels without offering explanations.  We go to the store and see organic, grass-fed, cage free, free range, wild caught labels, but many of us don’t exactly know what they all mean.   291 more words


13 Things You Won't Find on a Food Label

Food labels have been regulated since Congress passed the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act in 1990, but they are constantly updated to be more “user friendly”. 823 more words

Consumer Awareness

The Friday Five: Food Labeling

When it comes to food labeling, it seems like there’s a war of words happening…and it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with safety or nutrition. 231 more words


The Trouble With Labels

“This is safe! I read the ingredients.” I can’t tell you how often I get told that by well meaning friends as they hand me a snack for my son. 542 more words

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