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Gus Stieffenhofer-Brandson – Perch Restaurant at UBC

Working at Vancouver Community College, I have many young cooks ask me how they go about becoming a great Chef. There are definitely different schools of thought on this, but last week I was at Barbara-Jo’s Books to Cooks and had a chance to listen to Michel Roux answer this very same question. 403 more words


The Chef At Nicli’s Next Door

As you probably know, I’m a big fan of our city’s young chefs and what they are doing.  I have had the chance to eat Josh Gale’s food at Nicli’s Next Door a few times now, and it has always been simple, tasty and clean. 460 more words


World's hottest pepper: Was it or wasn't it?

Who knew peppers were such a hot topic?

After I brought you the story on Monday of Marpole resident Brad Dodds, who grew the world’s hottest pepper in his back yard and took the first bite on camera for us, a number of readers wrote to me insisting that the pepper in question was not, in fact, a Carolina Reaper. 310 more words


Young Chefs who are making a difference and leaving their mark on our city.

Young Chefs who are making a difference and leaving their mark on our city. I’d like to introduce you to Justin Cheung, the Restaurant Chef at Longtail Kitchen at New Westminster’s River Market, along with one of my favourite chefs, Longtail’s owner, Angus An. 767 more words


North Carolina: Barbecue Capital!

Walking into the 53 year old family run Lexington Barbecue, I’m transferred back to a bygone retro era of Formica-topped tables and wood paneled walls plastered with a plethora of barbecue awards and memorabilia. 1,868 more words


Culinary Trip To Thessoloniki Greece

Have you been to or heard of Thessaloniki? It might be only the second largest city in Greece, but when it comes to culinary status, it is number one!  811 more words


Chef's Table At VCC

I’m so excited to announce that downtown Vancouver is going to be home to a new pop-up restaurant this spring! From April 29 through to June 19, the Vancouver Community College’s Culinary Arts students will be opening a pop-up in the Four Corners Restaurant space in the VCC downtown campus. 224 more words

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