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Gom Ba Woo Korean Restaurant-Must Read

Again following my theory of high and low restaurants, I had lunch at Gom Ba Woo Korean restaurant. This restaurant has won numerous awards including the Washingtonian Best Budget Eat in 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012. 137 more words

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Making lemonade from lilacs / Syrensaft

Some weeks ago Martin made syrensaft, Lilac lemonade. It is always an interesting project when Martin creates in the kitchen and I decided to follow him around with my camera as always. 392 more words


Follow This Rule of Thumb and I promise you will never eat a "Regular" meal again!

I was reading this article in the Washingtonian and it brought my attention to a surprisingly, but true theory. In the food market there are 3 categories for food: fine dining, regular, and budget friendly. 237 more words

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Hola Muchachos

Hey guys, I’m going to DC later today and I need a recommendation for a good restaurant that I can review. Feel free to comment or like. Also Follow me!

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Feel  free to comment any restaurants that you personally like, so I can go visit them and try them. I am always on the lookout for new food.

Thank you for the help

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Cassatt's A Kiwi Cafe

Today (7/21/15) was another insightful little look at a quaint bistro in Arlington called Cassatt’s, A Kiwi Café. As much as I tried to decipher the meaning of their name, I couldn’t figure it out since I failed to see kiwi on the menu. 173 more words

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Hello Food Fanatics

My dad always said “Una pansa llena es un corazon contento”; meaning that a full belly was a happy heart although it sounds better in spanish. 69 more words

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