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British Week

I’m always looking for ways to make cooking routine meals more entertaining, so now I have come up with a-country-a-week.  This week is British week, and I am having a blast. 460 more words


Eat All the Lobster (and Donuts)

This is the story of how I ate so many lobster rolls that I ended up getting sick of lobster.

After our delightful bike ride… 1,282 more words


Saturday Food Crave

It’s been sometimes since i hunt for some food. Tho this round it’s not anything like hawker but i kind like it lot! Were actually searching for Chee Cheong Fun (CCF) but likely not much those to my liking here as i still love hometown taste! 159 more words

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Karting & Barbecue in Tulsa

One of the hardest parts of traveling for J is finding good coffee — he still hasn’t found a good latte place in Vegas despite many visits. 635 more words


Not All Food is Good in Tulsa*

*But most of it was!

For breakfast our second day, we stuffed ourselves at the Oklahoma Kolache Company. Kolache (koh-lah-chee) are a central European pastry that’s basically a puffy bun with filling. 597 more words


I Am So Over Food

As a concept, I am over food.  This new stomach takes me from peaceful to starving in absolutely no time.  I’ll be sitting here, perfectly content in life one minute, and the next I’m all  209 more words


Writing Prompt Wednesday!

Here’s an image prompt. Write a piece based on the image below.

Sorry the quality’s pretty shoddy. I took the image myself from my camera phone while at work. 10 more words