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No Salt Added- Spice Up Your Food Life

Healthy food and meals can loose their excitement.  Especially when you take away the fats, sugar, and salt.  Wait, I am to entice you to eat healthy. 419 more words


I was a milkshake

But then I woke up to realize that I was a Mega mac.

This is just something  I have to do man!!

This is the audio

I like flexibility in my food relationships.  Could this be a fajita? A wrap? Ditch the tortilla for a salad? Add some spices for Italian flare? 414 more words

Recipe/Food Life

Magic at Messina Creative Department

Last month I got to go to foodie heaven at Messina Creative Department. For the month of February, the seven-course degustation experience called Brisbane home and we were lucky enough to grab a spot. 233 more words

Food Life

This would not be categorized as a vegetarian dish because of our bacon entanglement.  Also, I am literally eating my words on this whole “I won’t eat brussel sprout thing.” This collaboration of previous brussel sprout consumption dare and my ghost child’s new professed love of goat cheese with bacon enhancement.  128 more words


Sauce Hack

I’m not sure if anyone else has this problem, or irritation with not being able to get all the sauce out of the jar when you pour it. 197 more words


Eating Show

Hey everyone, and all my lovely bloggers. I just wanted to say that in a short while(coming weeks) I will be releasing and opening my own channel for an eating show. 34 more words