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The Paleo Diet Food List

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The Paleo Diet Food List…

Eat NY: The NY Must-Slurp Ramen List

Ramen is comfort food. It’s simple, filling, fatty, and flavorful. You even get to slurp it! On purpose! As an adult! Amazing.

My mother and grandmother raised me on Top Ramen and Cup (of?) Noodles, and then there was college, but only recently did I discover ramen as a Real-People Meal. 1,384 more words


What's to Eat?

I started feeling kinda bored with what I am “allowed” to eat. In order to figure out whether I really am eating only 2 or 3 things or if I’m feeling that way because eating used to be all bet’s are off (that is, I could eat anything, any time, anywhere), I decided to make a “pantry list.” I also read somewhere that most people consistently only eat about 12 different meals, so I thought I’d list some meal ideas as well. 750 more words


Macrobiotic diet essentials - food list for me

I have in the “I want to know evvvvvvvrything phase” now, so I started to search for the essential info I really need to know about the macrobiotic diet. 1,159 more words

21 Day Fix Begins in a Week

Disclaimer: (I feel the need to say this before anything else so that you don’t stop reading before you even start!) I’m not a Beach Body (is it even two words?) coach/affiliate/employee/literally anything. 461 more words

Pleasanton Chick-fil-A Construction Progress

During lunch today I stopped by the construction site of the Pleasanton Chick-fil-A and took some pictures.

In my post Coming Soon Chick-fil-A I shared pictures that I had taken in March and April when construction was just beginning. 293 more words