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Grocery List: Expectation v. Reality

I decided to be an “adultier” adult this afternoon. I did what I’m sure countless others do on a weekly basis. I grabbed some pretty note paper I keep on my nightstand and I sat down and I wrote out a grocery list to take shopping with me this afternoon. 905 more words


Container counts for some tricky foods

If you’re really into cooking, and you’re becoming a pro at containerizing recipes, you might enjoy a little shortcut. I try new recipes every week, so when I’m figuring out containers for them, it’s helpful to have a list of some foods that I eat pretty often. 378 more words

Helpful Tips for the Ketogenic Eating Plan

I have been on the Ketogenic eating plan for almost six weeks and these are my go-to foods to help reach my daily fat requirements.  I hope this helps everyone else to be successful on the plan.  200 more words



IIIt’s Suuundaaay!!!

Yes, I get excited on Sundays. For me, Sunday’s represent family time devoting, a special time for God, planning my week ahead and seeing the achievements of the past week. 158 more words


Long Biên - Ăn gì bây giờ nhỉ?

List này hẹn từ tuần trước nữa mà lo chuẩn bị Tết quá, giờ mới ngoi lên để post được. Chuyển nhà xong thì như người mù, vì tất cả những gì biết về ăn uống ở khu này là quán gà Thắng Xoăn do ông anh 1 lần đưa đi ăn, cũng lâu lắm rùi. 1,819 more words


2017 Worst & Best Local Restaurants

After tackling the best desserts, Asian, and international restaurants we ate in, it’s now down to this. Of course it had to be our very own native restaurants we were rating in our final list article. 408 more words