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What's to Eat?

I started feeling kinda bored with what I am “allowed” to eat. In order to figure out whether I really am eating only 2 or 3 things or if I’m feeling that way because eating used to be all bet’s are off (that is, I could eat anything, any time, anywhere), I decided to make a “pantry list.” I also read somewhere that most people consistently only eat about 12 different meals, so I thought I’d list some meal ideas as well. 750 more words


Macrobiotic diet essentials - food list for me

I have in the “I want to know evvvvvvvrything phase” now, so I started to search for the essential info I really need to know about the macrobiotic diet. 1,159 more words

Pleasanton Chick-fil-A Construction Progress

During lunch today I stopped by the construction site of the Pleasanton Chick-fil-A and took some pictures.

In my post Coming Soon Chick-fil-A I shared pictures that I had taken in March and April when construction was just beginning. 293 more words


The big list about FOOD.

Which pasta dish is your favorite?
Will I be considered abnormal if I say I am not actually a big fan of pasta dishes (!!!) Quickly y’all, hit me with your best pasta recipes! 813 more words


hCG diet phase 3 start. First day meal plan.

Weight is back up to LIW (last injection weight) today – 247.5 or so. Phase 3 says stay away from sugar and starch. Considering this is the most important phase to keep the weight off, that is not much guidance. 234 more words