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Day 3: HCG diet and diabetes... Time to start losing

I woke up after my last day of loading up another 2 pounds. I am now at 288 pounds. Today I drop to 500 calories and I feel hungry already and it is only 7:30am. 179 more words


Top Most Heart Healthy Foods List

Heart is the main part of human body. We have to protect our heart from heart diseases like storks and heart attacks by eating healthy foods. 67 more words


[Hanoi] Banh Cuon - Everyone's Favorite Breakfast?

Vui lòng kéo xuống dưới để xem tiếng Việt

Bánh Cuốn is made from a wide, extremely thin and delicate sheet of steamed fermented rice batter, filled with a mix of seasoned ground pork, minced wood ear mushroom, and ground or tiny shrimps (optional). 937 more words


The Ultimate AFFORDABLE Truffle Dishes Guide - $15 and LESS.

I love the smell of truffle. I love the taste of truffle. I want to bathe in truffle oil everyday. Okay no. Yucks. HAHA, but seriously, MOST of us get really excited when we read Truffle <something>. 756 more words


10 Best Restaurants in New Westminster

So, I’ve done it again. I decided to sit down and put together a list of the best places to get some grub in New West! 825 more words

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Food List X (from vacation)

Meat, bread, potatoes – grilled, baked, and fried
German noodles
Pork off a spit
Pretzel with hot mustard
Ginger beer
Apple turnover… 29 more words

Your Spice Cabinet

Throw out the onion powder, garlic powder, Montreal Steak seasoning, mustard with garlic, ketchup, honey…. the list goes on. Here’s what we bought (and have) that are FODMAP free condiments: 27 more words