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Meal Plan

My meals in this program are relatively simple – in writing at least.

Approved Food List

FTDI* Proteins (4 oz)


Common Food items safe for Keto Diet ?

Its not tough to get on Ketogenic diet mostly its a hype that if not carbs then what will I eat. Keto diet is not just about protein in form of meat – it includes fat inform of oil, drinks like coffee, tea. 152 more words

Food List

Reading List (28/3)

Grilled cheese.

I love this description of seeking the sun in the British winter.

Benedict Cumberbatch reading Sol LeWitt’s letter to Eva Hesse. Advice, fairly simple but good. 72 more words


Net Carb Count Food List

100 Gram (3.5 oz) Net Carb Count List

Okay, so when counting carbs as part of a low carb way of eating (woe), we would generally need to know how many carbs are in a thing, especially if we’re using a calorie/carb tracker app like… 235 more words

Carb Count

Developing a Vegan Food List

Technically speaking, human beings do not need to consume any meat or dairy products to live long, healthy lives. At face value, some people may view a vegan diet as a restrictive diet but in all actuality, a vegan diet can absolutely include many foods that can supply you with every vital mineral and organic compound you need… if you consciously plan your diet with fueling, detoxing, and cleansing your body in mind. 565 more words


Christmas Party Food List

A food list has gone up on our classroom door for our Christmas Party next Thursday 15th December. If you could please sign up next to the items you are willing to get that would be great. 37 more words

The Paleo Diet Food List

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The Paleo Diet Food List…