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Chocolate Avocado Pudding

It seems like one of the latest food makeovers is chocolate avocado pudding. I keep seeing it everyone I go online when I’m searching for recipes. 256 more words


Makeover Games!

The Cheeky Princess did a horror movie makeover on The Marshmallow Kid… Here it is!

Life In General

What you must know about these recipes

Eating raw is different!  As such, you can’t even compare it to the Standard American Diet dishes.  All of my recipes will be uniquely named.  Some raw foodists make dishes and call them names we are used to hearing, such as Spinach Quiche, and then it is so totally different people get disappointed when it doesn’t taste like the quiche they have been used to all their lives. 50 more words

Raw Vegan Recipes

It doesn't just happen. You MAKE it happen!

It’s not a diet, it’s a liveit.  The Raw Vegan lifestyle is just that–a lifestyle.  It isn’t something that you can say, “oh, I enjoyed some raw vegan tonight.”  It is something that you live.  401 more words

About The Raw Food Lifestyle

Chili Beer Cheese Soup

In the parlance of professional bowlers, 300 is perfect. No offense to Mrs. Chili365’s uncle, who is a professional bowler (or at least looks the part), but 300 isn’t perfect- yet.  422 more words


Medical Monday- Marvelous

DISMCLAMER: I am not a brand representative for the JuicePLUS+ company..I am not paid for my opinions nor was I asked or recruited to do a challenge or review this product. 1,000 more words