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"Welcome to the Food System of the U.S.- Mexico Border"

Here’s “Man in the Maze,” a short film about Food System problems (hideous) and people-centered solutions (beautiful).  The film is specific to “the geopolitical boundary with the greatest economic disparity in the world” but offers inspiration to people anywhere working hard “to rebuild the food system up from the bottom in a participatory way,” as… 29 more words

Food Sovereignty

Why An Apple A Day?

We all know the saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Why do we say that? Well beyond all the great essential nutrients an apple provides, did you know produce, such as fruit and vegetables, also have just the right amount of aspirin to prevent all types of strokes and heart attacks? 99 more words


Meet Me At the Fair

I’m going to the fair.

Not that one!

Next week, September 8, 9, 10, I’ll be in Santa Rosa, California at the National Heirloom Exposition… 287 more words


How I Found Myself in the Presence of Frances Moore Lappé

Thanks to luck, a yellow poster, determination, an email chain and a twenty dollar bill, I found myself at the Food First 40th Anniversary Panel Event. 1,819 more words

this week I got wastED at work...

…and I enjoyed every moment of it.

Brothers, David and Dan Barber, are major leaders in the sustainable food movement, which makes him a perfect match for sweetgreen! 965 more words


The Internet of Food

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Imagine a system of sensors working together to eliminate waste at all food production sites. 102 more words

Vertical Farms

Fresh Foodies

I am sure you wouldn’t be surprised that most of the food we eat is not only transported long distances but what it is that actually goes into it and who actually produces it is just as concerning. 315 more words

Eat Local Rutherglen