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2017; My Continuing Mission To Connect  Food, Farming & Consumers    #NuffieldAg #EatTogether

Okay, so maybe 2017 is only 23 hours old and everyone has professed their goals and positive outlook for the year ahead, but how can we not help but celebrate our blessings of family, friendship, personal, emotional and spiritual wealth we celebrated over the holidays. 236 more words


Politik Pangan: Kasus Sari Roti dan Aksi Damai 212

Aksi damai 2 Desember ini memang menyisakan banyak cerita. Tidak hanya soal penistaan agama, tapi jauh hingga menyentuh ranah politik “kampung tengah” alias pangan. Tentunya ini merupakan bahasan menarik yang membuat gatal para pengamat pangan gadungan seperti saya untuk mengeluarkan opini ala ala. 816 more words


Small. Local. Organic. Misinformed.

I like food, probably a little too much. I also value good science and correct information.

There are lots of narrative threads when it comes to the story of food, and their themes have been changing over the last few decades. 845 more words


Food Law Crash Course: what I learned in Halifax

By Abra Brynne- November 21, 2016.

In early November, I had the privilege of attending Canda’s first ever conference on Food Law and Policy, in Halifax, Nova Scotia. 1,003 more words

Cold Cut Day and the Hummus Riots

It is October 25, 2016. Which means it is time, if you’ve managed to covertly procure any, to hide away your hummus! Or to boldly hold up your hummus for all to see. 1,929 more words

Taking Over Our Food System

As time goes on I realize that our food system is both necessary and corrupt.  We all need food to live, but the food that is available is hardly causing us to flourish.  417 more words


A warning to farmers about "CSAs"

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Sometimes distributors are helpful and we give middlemen a cut. 303 more words