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I had the most refreshing and invigorating discussion with the man who sells my pork. He is on a mission to feed good people good food and get good farmers a paycheck.  757 more words



I love my job as the food bank coordinator at University of Toronto, Mississauga. I feel incredibly fortunate that every day, I get to read and learn about issues/information that I would normally read about in my own free time. 296 more words

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Introducing Boneless Broth - the plant-based super food instant health drink!

Folks, over at the Food Movement we are ringing in the New Year in a really special way! We are soon unveiling our brand new Boneless Broth product line, with our first recipe – Boneless Broth Moringa Miso. 217 more words

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All good things come in Time: the story of a meal (Part 2: Spring)


Spring is always a busy season here, but this time it was sheer craziness! My travels to Germany had put me behind schedule with the garden and I didn’t start planting stuff until late April. 994 more words

All good things come in time: the story of a meal (Part 1)

When you hear the term “slow-food”, you probably envision a beautiful roast that’s been braised for several hours over the stove top in a cast iron pot. 539 more words

What makes Miso the ultimate umami souper food?

Miso is the most prevalent form of fermented food in the world, traditionally made from fermented soybeans, aspergillus oryzae culture (koji) and salt.  Other ingredients are frequently incorporated such as grains, sea vegetables, mushrooms and scallions. 188 more words

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11% for Hunger : the Food Movement

We are a movement of humans who believe that food is a human right.  That healthy food should be available everywhere, and should taste good*. 73 more words

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